Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Keeping It Simple -- A Protest Is Not A Riot, A Riot Is Not A Protest

By Terry McGahey

With what's been going on in Baltimore it's time to call it just what it is, which is nothing more than an excuse for those who have criminal tendencies to act out.

It gives this element of people an excuse to loot, burn, and cause mayhem in the streets. Why? because they enjoy it, and it presents them with the perfect circumstance to steal merchandise and get away with it.

It would not surprise me at all that just like Ferguson, the people who started this insanity may have come from elsewhere.

Once a riot gets started it begins to breath a life of its own.
I do not know the circumstances behind the death of this fellow by the name of Grey, and at this point neither do the Baltimore rioters, but they rushed to judgment. And it would be interesting to know who or what group, if any, started this whole thing.

This young man, who the riots began over, was a criminal, with a rap sheet full of drug possession and sales, yet many in the community chose to riot in his name, a drug pushing, drug using criminal!

We keep hearing how the black community is being targeted by the police, Yet, a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York, by the name of Peter Moskos, did a study on police killings in the United States by race, and the results prove differently than what is perceived by the black community.

Based on the data reported by Mr. Moskos, roughly 49% of those killed by police officers from May of 2013 until April of 2015 were white people. 30% were black, 19% were Hispanic and 2% were Asian and other races.

In reality, the study by Mr. Moskos shows that whites are 1.7% more likely to be killed by police than blacks are.

I can't believe that the mayor of that city actually wanted to give them an area to blow off steam and had the police stand down.

One police officer made the statement about how many of the rioters were 15 and 16 years old so that's why they backed off.

Wait one minute! A teenager can kill you with a rock to the head just a easily as any 30 year old person can. The moment these teenagers began throwing rocks and other objects at the police, breaking windows, and looting stores, they became criminals, and age has no bearing on criminal intent, nor should it have any bearing on the actions of the police.

Just like everyone else, I watched the mother of that 16 year old who was at the riot, pushing her son around and smacking him a few times, then forcing him to go home.

She is being hailed as a heroin by the media as well as others, and I agree. She did the right thing and more parents should have done what she did.

Now, here is the hypocrisy that goes along with that circumstance. If this lady or any other parent would have been filmed doing what she did, at any other time, the far left organization of child protective services would have had her arrested and thrown in jail.

That's how life is.

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  1. You guys are absolutely right. I don't care if your protest is peaceful or not. You cannot sit there and tell me that a protest is the same as a riot. Just isn't so. And another thing. ALL lives matter.


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