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How Do You Correct Stubborn Asses When They're Being Asses

Sorry to say, this is not about working with mules. Although I have had a little experience with riding and working mules, this article is not just about jackasses per say.

If this were about just about mules, it might be about the mule that a neighbor once owned. It would be the story about the time my next door neighbor wanted me to halter up his mule and walk him out of its pen.

That's right, that's it, just walk him out of his pen. And yes, since it was a beautiful day out, I obliged my neighbor by going over to his place and doing just that.

Please understand that my neighbor is someone who I have very little dealing with for a few reasons. While he is not a bad man, he is a city boy through and through. In fact, he decided to settle here in Glencoe, California, population 189, after retiring from his job in the film industry. Yes, he now lives here in this tiny burg after working all of his life in Hollywood. It's like The Beverly Hillbillies in reverse.

He said he moved here because his mother lived in the vicinity just up the road in Wilseyville. He knew nothing about country living, and why he wanted to move here instead of moving his mom in with him in Southern California has been a mystery to me for years. But as I said, though a Liberal and from Hollywood, my complete opposite and a world away from here, he's not a bad man -- just screwed up.

When he and his then better-half moved in, they immediately set about making a garden on their 5 acre parcel. Soon he sent away for African Guinea hens to eat the bugs off of his tomato plants in his 12 foot by 20 foot garden. He said he read about using African Guinea hens as a form of non-toxic pest control in some Mother Earth magazine of some sort.

Of course instead of buying 2 or 3 of those African birds for that size garden, and of course to see how they'd do, he bought 34 of the noisy creatures. I found out later that Pot Growers buy a lot of Guinea hens and use them as alarm systems to signal when intruders are nearby. And yes, they make a horrible noise.

Now I'm sure some reader will write me saying that those blasted African Guinea hens are a metaphor for Muslim refugees, and that I'm way too obvious. Others will write telling me that my analogy of horribly noisy Guinea hens to the disruptive nature of Muslim refugees is way too obvious. Then there are those who will write me to tell me that African Guinea hens are not that bad and they have wonderful qualities. To the later, as always, I will write back and ask if the White House staff can stop picking apart my blog.

Soon those Guinea hens ate the bugs, the leaves, the plants, all of the plants in the garden down to the roots. Then after those 34 birds ate his garden into the dirt, he released them to walk around and pick at his property. Of course his property was not fences of to keep them in and soon they were walking into everyone's property.

A couple of early mornings, I found the noisy bastards on my roof. I was fit to be tied. I called my neighbor and told him to corral his birds and keep them off my roof where they were commencing to destroy my roof while looking for bugs.

At first, to get rid of them, I took a water hose and shot them off. That was at first. After about a week of that, I got up on morning and grabbed my trap shotgun and stepped out and started yelling "PULL!"

I didn't feel so bad about killing them noisy African bastards, especially after he called me wanting to use one of my shotguns to polish off the rest that I hadn't gotten to just yet. He realized that he didn't know anything about Guinea hens yet ordered too many. He also came to realize that he and his noisy birds had become a nuisance to many of us in the area.

Now for my not so subtle message: Yes, I have learned over the year that most Liberals don't care what impact their decisions have on others around them.

In my neighbor's case, his birds traveled from his property to other properties where they were not wanted. Some neighbors actually stopped feeding their chickens because the Guinea hens ate all of the food they were putting out for their birds.

The only thing that made me a little angry was when my neighbor found that funny and laughed about it as if that wasn't a big deal at all. He laughed again when he found out that his birds had actually scared an old woman resident so bad that she fell down and hurt herself when she tried getting away from them. Believe it or not, his Guinea hens actually swarmed around residents as they got out of cars and trucks and such.

Those residents were very happy to see me kill those birds. And for you Environmentalist out there. you should know that everyday that I shot a Guinea hen on my property -- there was a Hawk that came by afterwards and made off with the dead African noise maker. I could swear that those Hawks looked pretty happy with my supplying them with supper while I got rid of our problem.

Now as for my neighbor asking me to help him with his mule, I don't mind helping a neighbor. Yes, even one whose politics are 180 degree from my own. I feel sorry for any lost lamb, whether they have common sense or not.

In fact, a few year before when he asked if I could trailer his mule, I didn't mind helping him in using my trailer or going with him to get the mule. I agreed because he needed help. On the way there he talked about how this mule had been mistreated as a youngster, and that he and his better-half saw the mule advertised in a local Buy 'N Sell.

He and his better-half knew very little about the mule other than what was said in the advertisement which included a picture of a three-year old Jack. In fact, they were ready and willing to buy a large 3 year old mule without knowing anything about mules, donkeys, horses, or any other sort of farm animal.

When we arrived we found out that the young Jack had been confined to a 10 foot by 10 foot stall for almost all of his 3 years up to that point. He was a big tough animal for a 3 year old and my very naive neighbors decided to buy him because they liked his picture. No kidding! Yes, all emotion and absolutely no thinking involved here!

We were there just a few minutes and I after I got my trailer situated, I walked up just in time to watch the sellers, those folks who raised the mule, open his pen and that mule explode out the gate as if on fire.

The owner had the mule by a 20 foot lead rope and holding on for dear life. Thank God for a small tree where he quickly snug that rope to and stopped himself from being drug into the next county. Come to find out later, the owner had only had that mule on a lead rope a few times and in a small confined pen.

As the agitated mule was in a storm, my neighbor looks at me and says, "You don't think this is a good idea do you?"

My response was something to the effect, "This is F%#@'n insane!"

After about 20 minutes or so, they still had that mule tied to that small tree and he was stranding at the halter and lead rope pulling on it trying to get free. My neighbors, God Bless them both, were still determined to have that mule. To me, he look like an accident waiting to happen.

After a little bit of doing, I got the mule in my small two horse trailer and we were off. After we got him to their place, I helped to set up his pen and get him situated. They named him "Wilson" after some soccer ball in some Tom Hanks movie.

Wilson was indeed a mammoth animal. And yes, after a few years, he seemed to get bigger but he became pretty gentle and sort of kind.

While I still don't deal with him much, so when he asked me to come over to halter up his mule and walk him out of its pen, I didn't mind helping.

And as I said before, it was a beautiful day out. And yes, I obliged my neighbor by going over to his place and doing just that. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Wilson was very calm in his large pen. It took a little doing but soon enough I put a halter on him without too much trouble. I then went about walking him around his pen. And frankly, I was very pleased that they had handled him some and that he was actually real good about being lead.

After a half an hour or so, I walked him up to the gate and opened it. He shied some but not bad, then he walked through without a problem. I was standing there not seeing a real problem and everything seemed fine. That is until my neighbor walked up, and that's when Wilson blew up as if someone stuffed a hand grenade up is ass!

I had hold of a 20 foot lead rope and held on for dear life. Sounds similar does it? Well, it should because Wilson took off with me in tow after I lost my footing -- he just about drug me to China before I let go and told him to go have at it.

Wilson ran around that property for the better part of two hours with my neighbor and I trying everything to keep him from disappearing into thousands of acres of BLM land. Then before we knew it, Wilson ripped down my wire fence and crossed into my property and headed over to my horses. Once there I throw a loop and quickly tied him to a nearby tree to get him to settle down.

Soon I got him settled down and then moved to a pen on my place. From there I worked with him for about a month to get him friendly enough to where he wouldn't be dangerous. Yes, come to find out later, my neighbor had only had that mule on a lead rope and halter a few times and in his pen but never out of it. Wilson sensed he was free and didn't know how to handle it.

Now, before someone writes to ask if I don't think Democrats can handle freedom and feel a sense of comfort being cared for by Big Government like say how Wilson did with his the safety of pen where he was fed and cared for? That's up to you to decide.

All in all, I have always loved mules. And yes, donkeys are too cute for words. Mules especially, are said to be more patient, sure-footed, hardy, and have longer lives than horses. They are hard workers, super-smart, easy to love, and great to ride with many saying that they have a much smoother gait than a horse.

They say the only emotion one should have with horses is "patience." While dealing with mules is a lot like dealing with Liberals in that it takes a great deal of patience, I do find that some just don't do well outside their pen.

Then again, while I feel it's offensive to a mule to call it a Democrat, I truly understand why donkeys and mules, jackasses, are known to be so stubborn. They can be very hard to work with. Wilson was as stubborn an ass as one would ever find.

I understand why they are associated with stubborn ass Democrats. Frankly, Democrats are stubborn asses. And yes, Democrats have been using a braying donkey for a mascot for close to 200 years.

Supposedly it started with Andrew Jackson was running for office way back in 1828. Jackson’s opponents called Jackson a "jackass". In a typical Democrat spin, Jackson said "Think I am jackass, hear me bray!"

It is said that Andrew Jackson tried to spin the donkey's traits of being hard-headed, slow, and obstinate and down right stubborn to "willful."

If you look at the bottom of my blog, you will see in the "About me" section that I state that "my wife and I believe we should celebrate and defend our American culture, values, heritage, our country lifestyle, and all that makes us proud Americans."

I wrote that the very first day that I created this blog some 5 years ago. Frankly, when I stated that at the start of my Blog, that I will defend and celebrate America, our traditions, our history, our culture, and fight the lies, I surely didn't think this would become a full time job as it sometimes feels.

My friends, if you're sick of my politics, imagine constantly beating the drum. Friends, I would love to spend more time going through my old journals of the many fascinating historic places that I've visited and talk about them. I'd love to concentrate more on Old West history, horse breeds and care, vintage guns and security.

I don't know if Liberals are just dense, even more dense than mules, or if that are just stubborn asses because they like being asses! Explaining to Liberals the reasons for things that many of us see as common sense can be a full time job. For example, trying to make Liberals understand that "race" has nothing to do with why Americans dislike President Obama's policies is getting to be so repetitive that it's actually boring.

The problem is that I can't avoid writing about it simply because of the asinine statements that come from Democrats. Statement that my blog readers, and my Facebook friends and followers ask me about all the time.

For example, on January 12th, 2016, Obama's State of the Union speech proved to most Americans once again that he is truly and unequivocally delusional in his perception of what is taking place in America.

Obama does not recognize the threat that ISIS is to the world, and us in particular. He does not see the threat of Islam. He does not see how he has divided our nation as never before -- all on race, class, wages, and more.

He does not see how Americans view his policies as negative and anti-productive, over-reaching, and completely unnecessary. He also doesn't see why Americans dislike his inaction on issues. And yes, Americans hate that he has demonstrated his weakness and his ineptness to manage his office.

Through all of this, Democrats, Liberals, the Mainstream Media, cannot admit that Obama is out of touch. They cannot admit that Obama is acting like a Dictator and King in some ways, and Buffoon in others.

So as stubborn, or maybe more stubborn than Wilson was with his refusal to learn that it was OK to step out of his pen, Democrats, Liberals, are afraid to venture out of their comfort zone when it comes to their reasoning. Yes, according to Democrats, and Obama himself, the ONLY reason Americans dislike his policies is because he's Black.

Name calling and unfounded accusations are their comfort zone. They don't want to talk about facts, figures, statistics, events, reason, probable cause, or the issues. They immediately resort to name calling and false accusation.

Obama himself said "the ONLY reason Americans dislike his policies is because he's Black" just a few weeks ago. Ultra-Liberals like Chris Matthews on MSNBC have said the same thing again just recently. And yes, last Tuesday on Fox News Liberal political commentator Geraldo Rivera said that Obama's "difficulties" are because "the nation was not ready for a black president."

Yes, Democrat Geraldo Rivera said, "I think what is clear is that the nation was not ready for a black president."

But if you think that that would have been enough divisiveness for one day, Rivera wasn't finished. He went on to accuse white of racism by stating, "And I think the gross divisions we suffer right now in this country are, when you strip away everything else, the gun rights, terror and all the rest of it -- what you have essentially is a nation divided between white people and everybody else in broad strokes. When you look at the groups that overwhelmingly favor the Democrats right now, the Asians, Hispanics, African-Americans, the Muslims, you see a nation where people are largely chosen up sides and if you strip away everything else, what you are going to find is a racial divide. It is the biggest, unaddressed issue. I think it is why we can’t deal with urban crime. It is why we are dysfunctional in terms of the ability to be bilateral, bicameral, bipartisan."

Frankly, Rivera is assuming a great deal here. And yes, his assumptions are wrong. He sees America as a racist place even though America is proof of the opposite. And frankly, no matter what I and others say -- Liberals like him are some stubborn asses.

How do you correct stubborn Democrats when they're asses and absolutely refuse to see anything other than what they will? How do Americans talk about how Obama's policies are hurting Americans when Liberals in positions of power refuse to listen and instead summarily dismiss all grievances as "racist"?

Ever notice how racist will be quick to call someone a "racist" -- yet not even take into consideration that they are indeed being offensive in their slanderous claims? Ever notice how they use race to their own advantage?

For example, why give Obama's failures in office a free pass by saying "Oh, it's OK that he failed because it's not his fault. It's someone else's fault." That is the same as saying that Obama is incompetent because he's Black -- and frankly, that is racist. And Democrats, yes Liberals, are the one's making that very argument!

I don't mind calling incompetence in the White House by its name! It's name is Obama. But I don't feel he's incompetent because he's Black. Frankly, Black, White, Pink, or Green, his color has nothing to do with his incompetence. To say that Obama is just incompetent is not being racist, that's just being factual. That's being honest and not looking for excuses as to why he failed to do his job.

Obama should have protected the fabric of America, not try to change it.

Obama has failed because he has done things that have been very negative and Americans haven't bought what he's selling. In fact, Americans don't like what he is doing right now. And frankly, his color has nothing to do with it -- no matter what some stubborn Liberal asses thinks!

Let me make this clear for my Liberal readers, I vote for Republicans to fight against Obama's Socialist policies. I didn't vote for Republicans to have some sort of Bipartisan-fest where Republicans give and Democrats take. Friends, Democrats do not compromise. There is no give. They only take. I vote Republican because they are my only option to fight against the Democrat Party and their lack of principles and morals.

So no, this article is not all about mules but more about asses. Mules of course, but also Democrat asses who don't have the class of most mules! Democrats who like Big Government the same way that Wilson like the guy who fed him. Democrats who like being in pens. Democrats who are afraid of freedom and all that it offers.

My neighbor's intentions for Wilson were actually great. He wanted to get Wilson out of the smaller pen and get him used to the bigger property. Once he would be acclimated to being outside his pen and not simply run off, my neighbor had the good intentions of wanting to allow Wilson to enjoy stretching his legs more than he could all cooped up.

Sadly, Wilson never did have the run of that property when he was there, he could never handle it and my neighbor was too afraid to let him try it. Sadly, I believe Democrats are like that. They like being cooped up, not being able to handle freedom. It's as if they are afraid to stretch their legs.

And yes, that's just how I see it.
Tom Correa

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