Thursday, January 7, 2016

Professional Politicians and Media Don't Get It

By Terry McGahey
Associate Writer/ Historian

Politicians within the political establishment as well as many people associated with the media don't seem to grasp or understand why so many voters are standing behind Donald Trump and Ted Cruz rather than the old guard politicians like Jeb Bush and others.

The answer to this is very simple, people are sick and tired of politics as usual. We have had enough of the lip service and empty promises that these professional politicians spew out of their mouths in order to get elected. Then once they do get elected, their empty promises fall into the eternal vacuum of complacency which has become the standard operational procedure in Washington D.C.

Why is it that the old establishment politicians along with the mainstream media are saying everything against Trump and Cruz possible? Simple, the politicians do not want things to change, and why? Because they are completely happy with the power and wealth they have been able to accumulate over the years.

As far as the media goes, they don't want things to change either because most of the media outlets are owned by liberals, which have become socialists, who believe that we the people have to be controlled.

The Socialist media has provided the propaganda necessary in order for the liberal agenda to take hold in our country. Political Correctness, gun control, division of the people by race, ridiculing Christians, standing behind Muslim immigration from countries where radical terrorists can infiltrate, and these are just to name a few.

Then we have the Liberal Socialist agenda which has infiltrated our schools in order to brainwash our children which the media and Liberals, along with RINO Republicans, have done nothing to stop. To do nothing is the same thing as to agree with this agenda in my opinion.

I believe that these are just some of the reasons why the left, as well as the right, along with the media, are afraid of Trump and Cruz, neither one of them belong to the good old boy system which makes all three entities feel very un-easy.

Think about it, all three entities are basically stating that Trump and Cruz are radicals. Well, maybe what we need is someone who is a radical pro American president rather than a radical anti-American president. That's what it may take to put a stop to the socialist agenda of our current so called president. A man who would possibly bring our enemy into our gates and who has promoted the things I have listed above, and Hillary is no better.

Being neither a Democrat nor a Republican, and being a Constitutional Conservative, I have no crystal ball. I do not know if Trump or Cruz would make a great president or not, but I do know that we as a country cannot stay on the same course this ship has been sailing for these past many years. This is a ship with many holes in it that has only been patched and not repaired correctly, and if we don't take care of these repairs permanently, this ship is going to sink with all hands on board, and there will be no life boats available.

The only life boat we as a people have right now is the constitution, the law of the land, and if something isn't done, and done soon, they will figure out how to get around that also. The Socialists/Communists are doing their best every day to get rid of our Constitution, and if you open your eyes you will see that this is true.

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