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We Need Obama Prominently Featured In American History Books

In an article on, titled "Matthews: Angry White Guys Want To Erase Obama From the History Books" on December 22nd, Pam Key reported:

Monday night on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews warned there are some wanting to “erase” President Barack Obama from the history books.

Matthews said, “My theory Molly [Ball], and I’m not a person of color but I have a particular theory about this charge. I think the really angry guy out there, mostly guy, white guy, thinks if he can erase him from that picture of what we get as kids from the presidents, begins with George Washington through Lincoln and Roosevelt, and there is a president who is black, they want to make sure he is not there. Somehow that book has an asterisk. Pete rose didn’t really get in the hall of fame. Somehow he’s not there they keep picking at it. because they do. All the polls, 43% of Republicans say he’s a Muslim. Where do they get that from?”

The Atlantic’s Molly Ball said, “This is the sense which Donald Trump is pandering to a market need. There’s a number of people — I think the president’s analysis that this is a time of rapid social change, that he is a representative of and there are a lot of people who feel dislocated by that, who feel uncomfortable with that and it’s not only about this president, it’s about a lot of things happening in this country. It’s about these economic woes. Interestingly does not associate himself with. He doesn’t see himself as part of this scenario. He doesn’t think the troubles the country is going through have anything to do with him. He is talking like a sociology professor.”

For me, this is the sort of thing that confirms why MSNBC is failing miserably. It assaults one's sense of right and wrong, of what is truly racist and what is not. While the term racist is batted about these days way too easily, Chris Matthews is truly a racist because he makes excuses for America's first Black President.

Yes, Matthews is a true racist because he makes excuses for Obama lack of ability to lead by attacking those who demand leadership from President Obama.

Why? Because Obama is black. I truly believe MSNBC's talking head Chris Matthews makes excuses for Obama in a way that he would never do if Obama were indeed white -- and certainly not if he were a Republican. And yes, that is the proof of Matthews being the racist.

He and others at MSNBC conduct themselves more as racists than I or any other "white guy" who I know. While I have called President Obama's policies dangerous and spiteful. I remember saying the very same thing about Jimmy Carter's policies some 40 years ago.

I see Obama and Carter as kindred spirits because both have demonstrated a deep seated hatred for America. Yes, both wanted to change America at her foundation. In Obama's case, he wants to change this from the largest Christian nation on earth to a Muslim state through indoctrination and denial of the truth about Islam.

Obama refuses to admit that Islam is a shrinking religion, especially since the Koran's doctrine of hate and murder has been revealed to the world. As what takes place when television and the news shows the world Islamic insanity, the demands of a demented cult, are showing people what Islam is really about -- and more are leaving Islam than joining it.

In Carter's case, he wanted to institute changes that would push our nation closer to Socialism. Like Obama, he too tried stripping our military and using it as place to test social changes like women in combat. Yes, it was tried before and failed.

American Socialists like Carter, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi and the like, are living to see a world embracing Capitalism and its power to empower instead of enslave.

Before I move on to the main point of this blog post, I need to ask how can I be a racist if I dislike both Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama the same? I wasn't unhappy with Jimmy Carter because he was from Georgia, and I certainly don't give a damn that Obama is black. So since one is white and the other is black, one from Georgia and the other from Chicago, how can I be a racist if its both of their policies that I haven't liked?

But don't try to convince Matthews that one can be unhappy with a president over his policies and be blind to where he is from or what the color of their skin is. Logic such as that evades Chris Matthews who sees all Whites as born Racists.

I assert that Chris Matthews is the real racist here because he cannot let go of the fact that our President is half-Black. And no. that is not a real surprise considering the Democrat Party's legacy of racism in America starting before the Civil War. 

While Matthews is enamored with Obama, he does not give the same respect to Black Conservatives and routinely flings racist slurs at them. But that is something that he will deny, yet it's true. He routinely says we Conservatives are thin skinned, but who likes being called something they are not? Does he? 

Now as for his assertion that the "really angry guy out there, mostly guy, white guy, thinks if he can erase him from that picture of what we get as kids from the presidents, begins with George Washington through Lincoln and Roosevelt, and there is a president who is black, they want to make sure he is not there."

You see, I suppose Matthews is talking about me when he says "the really angry guy out there, mostly guy, white guy, thinks if he can erase him from that picture of what we get as kids". But boy is he wrong! 

Sure, like others, I'm angry that I don't have representation. And no my anger at what's going on these days doesn't stop there.

My anger has to do with the majority being neglected while only minority views are respected. My anger is at those who give traitorous activity a pass. And yes, traitors like Hillary Clinton should be in prison for her breeches of national security.

Yes, my anger has to do with the double standard where the politically favored such as Democrats can break the law and go free -- all while Republicans and Christians are made to pay dearly for things like failing to bake a cake or associating with the Tea Party. My anger has to do with a government with such power that it can target innocent law abiding citizens such as the Conservatives that were targeted in the IRS scandal. 

My anger has to do with those who funneled thousands of guns illegally to Mexico at the cost of thousands of innocent lives, by have not been made to pay for what they've done. My anger is at those who do nothing about stopping the black market sales of illegal guns to criminals, yet they want to disarm Americans with more gun laws that criminals by definition will not observe.

My anger is at those who want to change everything good about America because it doesn't fit in their concept of Liberal Utopia -- no matter how much bad it does to this great nation.

Yes, I'm an angry American. And since there are Black Americans who are as angry as I am, what does skin color have to do with anything when it comes to recognizing tyranny? Any color of American can recognize it, especially these days with over-regulation and a Federal government out of control and in violation of the Constitution. 

Whether people want to admit it or not, it is a fact that our Constitution was designed to restrain our Federal government and stop it from becoming an all-powerful Central Government. Our founders fear Totalitarianism.

They knew that Totalitarianism is centralized control by an autocratic authority. It is the political concept that a citizen should be totally subject to an absolute state authority. Yes, totalitarianism means slavery! 

In our case, we are a Constitutional Republic. And yes, as such, we are a state where officials are elected as representatives by us. And yes, they must govern according to existing Constitutional Law which limits the government's power over American citizens.

The Constitution was written by men who knew that government needs to be controlled. They understood that an all-powerful government is more of a threat to our personal freedoms, that of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, than all of the foreign armies combined.  

But, am I so angry that I want Obama taken out of American History Books? Am I so disappointed in Obama that I want some sort of "an asterisk" put by his name as Matthews suggested? Not only no, but Hell No!

I Want Barack Hussein Obama In Every American History Book!

Let me be very clear on this. Yes, I 'm an angry American, but I really want ALL of Barack Hussein Obama's actions and lack of actions, his enemies list, his demeaning America, his callous discontent for our legislative process to be in every American History book ever printed from this day forward!

Yes, I want his ineptness and his divisiveness, his cowardice, his treasonous acts, his betrayal of the American people, his exorbitant spending, his Socialist policies, his anti-Capitalism stance, his radical Islamic sympathies, his attempts to become a dictator, yes, I want it all in our history books!   

As a man who studies history, I believe American History needs to be absolutely correct. We need to learn from failures like Obama. We need to learn just how he's made our nation weaker, more divided, fractured, unsafe, and less respected by our enemies and allies both. And don't kid yourself, that is his legacy. It is one that will show a nation down-graded and weakened, demoralized, and degraded on the world stage by Obama himself.

And frankly, history needs to be completely accurate with the biases of people like Chris Matthews taken out of the equation. Can you, any of you who read my blog, just imagine if the history of the Obama years is left to a man like Chris Matthews? Can you imagine the glowing review of what Obama has done to us? 

Can you imagine just how impartial some ultra-Liberal like Matthews would be when chronicling Obama's conduct in office? It's scary to think about what he would leave out and simply not include because it would not be seen as favorable to Obama's legacy.

No, Chris Matthews will never understand it. But frankly, I don't want Obama's conduct to be selectively put in the History Books, I want ALL of what Obama has done while in office in the History Books.

I don't want history re-written by Liberals to spin the truth. I want ALL of what Obama has done to America completely open to the public. I certainly do not want it buried. 

I want the truth of his actions and lack of actions. I want his desire to make excuses for Islamic Terrorism, his race-baiting bigotry, his want to divide our nation, his breaking the law, his by-passing the legislative process, his desire to represent a few while persecuting others, and of course his lies. Yes. I want it ALL in there! 

I want ALL of what Obama has done to America chronicled for future generation to examine and learn from. I want Obama to serve as a lesson of failure and ineptness in office. I want his desire for glory and fame on the world stage to be read over and over again. 

Oh yes, I want the Barack Obama Chapter of American History to serve as a model of what America does not need nor need in a President!

Frankly, because I believe that everything that Obama has done while in office can ultimately serve as a lesson, as a warning, for future generations of Americans as to just how bad it can get when the American people put a president in office who does not love his country. 

Chris Matthews is not only offensive in his racial overtones toward White, Asian, and Hispanic Americans while giving Obama a pass because he's Black. He is wrong and should apologize to us all for his ridicule of the American people.

Fact is American History needs to have the history of Barack Obama's conduct in office featured prominently in our history books. We should not bury what he has done or has attempted to do with his desire to "fundamentally change" America.

No, we need to have him front and center to serve as a warning to all in the future. Obama will be useful so that we can learn what not to allow again -- if we get through this.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.
Tom Correa

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