Friday, March 18, 2016

Donald Trump Is My Choice

Like many of you, I'm being bombarded with all sorts of information pertaining to this year's presidential election. A lot of the information that I'm getting is just so much conjecture and speculation.

I find most of what is coming out to be just a lot of bullshit from so-called Political experts who have never seen this sort of political year.

I come from that school that says, "Talk straight, and be honest." Frankly, if someone is going to give me their opinion, I would hope it were based on facts instead of their emotions, biases, personal angst, political loyalties. I absolutely hate baseless comments.

For example, today on the radio, I heard someone say, "We should all be weary of Trump because he's an unknown. We don't know how he will do things. We don't know what sort of nominations to the Supreme Court he will make. We don't know if he will be a good leader for America. We don't know what sort of Commander In Chief he will be!"

Friends, while that applies to Donald Trump in that we don't have the insight into how he would handle a crisis -- we do with President Obama and Hillary Clinton.
Yes, we know full well that President Obama does not put America's safety and security first as shown time and time again while in office. And yes, we also know full well that Hillary Clinton is cut from the same cloth -- if anything, Benghazi, Libya, proved that when she let four Americans die there when there were Marines just an hour and a half away.

So yes, we don't know what Donald Trump will do in a crisis. But frankly, any sort of action is better than the ineptness and incompetence that we've had since Obama has taken office.

But if Donald Trump practices what he preaches like how he supports the 2nd Amendment, than I can see him being a President that will make America a place where our Constitutional Rights really mean something. Friends, just for the record, Donald Trump is the only candidate running for President who has a Concealed Carry Permit.

Unlike anti-gun Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein who has a Concealed Carry Permit but doesn't want other Americans to exercise the right that she does, Donald Trump supports Constitutional Carry in all 50 states.

And there is another thing, can any Democrat, any Obama supporter, say that they knew exactly what Obama was going to do before he took office? Did anyone really know what kind of lowlife he would turn out to be? Did anyone read his book and find out about his drug use and his problems with other races? Did anyone take the time to examine his past to find out why he hates America like he does? Did anyone ask him if he would attempt to "rule" instead of govern? Did anyone ever bother asking him why he loathes the legislative process and would rather use Executive Orders?

Can anyone say that Hillary Clinton won't be more of the same? Can anyone say that she will find some sort of respect for our military, or for our rule of law? Can anyone say that Hillary Clinton will all of a sudden become honest if she gets elected?

Let's be frank here. Knowing what we do about Hillary Clinton, her problems with telling the truth and being honest about National Security matters, her out and out lies, her indecision and desire not to take responsibility for her cowardly act of letting those four Americans die in Benghazi, why would anyone want to vote for Hillary Clinton?

Friends, it's not even a matter of picking the lesser of two evils as with many other elections. It is a clear choice. Fact is I'd rather go with what I don't know about Donald Trump than go with what I do know about Hillary Clinton. It's just that simple.

As for knowing what one will do, sometimes we are just disappointed with the actions that some take. I didn't know that Obama was going to be the ISIS sympathizer that has shown himself to be. I didn't know that the candidate who I voted for in the last election, Mitt Romney, was going to turn into a Liberal on the same lines of Harry Reid.

Yes, ultra-Liberal Democrat Senator Harry Reid demanded that Mitt Romney produce his tax returns during the last election, and Romney was indignant and fought the request. Now Romney is doing the same thing to Donald Trump.

Romney didn't request ALL candidates disclose their tax returns. No, he only targeted Donald Trump. He didn't ask Hillary Clinton, or the Clinton Foundation, which are under investigation for all sorts of things including taking money from Foreign Governments. No, he only targeted Donald Trump.

And yes, that leads me to my problem with the Republican Party. I have stated that I will vote for the Republican nominee. But now, now I find that there may be some back room crap going on to try to scuttle the leader of the pack, Donald Trump. And yes, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and others in the Republican leadership are at the heart of this.

So my question is, what the hell are those people doing? Since when is it that a Republican who garners support from all sorts of Americans does not get support from the Republican Party itself? And really, what are these attacks on Donald Trump about? When the hell did this start?

And frankly, like many of us who have been Republicans all of our lives, I'd like to know who the hell they think they are? When did the Republican Party decide to be Democrats?

I've been getting all sorts of email from my readers asking if I support Donald Trump, both if he does or if he doesn't get the Republican nomination? Many are asking me if the Republican Party is going to screw Donald Trump if he in fact wins the majority of our primaries? Many want to know what they can do to show their dislike for what's going on?

My answers are simple. Yes, I support Donald Trump. And yes, the more Republicans within my party attack him -- the more I like him. Why? Because they're acting like Democrats. Because they're saying the very same things that Democrats are saying in their attack ads against Trump.

Why? It's because for the first time since 1976 and 1980, Republicans are not having a problem with screwing over one of our own. And frankly, that's a Democrat trait. And yes, I've always thought we Republicans were above that sort of crap.

Now as for the Republican Party, some of us Republicans are old enough to remember that elections of 1976 and 1980 when the "establishment" at the time didn't "like" another candidate -- his name was Ronald Reagan.

Like Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan garnered the support of all sorts of Americans on both sides. And yes, in 1976, that was the last time Republicans had a brokered convention. The powers to be picked Gerald Ford who lost to Jimmy Carter.

In 1980, the Republican Party "establishment" put their hopes behind George H.W. Bush, but the American people got behind Ronald Reagan. I remember how Ronald Reagan took the fight to Jimmy Carter that year and kicked his ass! Carter has hated Ronald Reagan ever since.

I can only hope that the Republicans in charge do not attempt to screw Donald Trump. While it might not be the end of our party, it will definitely hurt us and may even lead to a Third Party run. If that happens, some will vote Third Party and that may hand the election over to Hillary Clinton. For some of us, we will never forgive the Republican Party.

Yes, knowing that there are people in charge of our party who would actually put their positions and politics ahead of the needs of our nation, and subsequently hand the election to Hillary Clinton, that would be unforgivable.

You see, if Donald Trump is the clear winner of the vast majority of the primaries but the "establishment" decides to scuttle his candidacy out of some self-serving motive, many of us will look at them as we do an enemy who aids Obama and Hillary Clinton. Many of us will look at them as we would anyone who is willing to sell out America and work for Obama and Clinton. And yes, many of us will leave the Republican Party.

The Republican Party "establishment" gets behind milk-toast individuals like Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney, when we Republicans want a representative who will fight for our ideals and concerns. We want a fighter.

Yes, that's the point, many of us like Donald Trump because he is aggressive, because he is a fighter, because he's not some milk-toast weenie who has just sat on his ass and gave in to Democrats in the Senate or the House for the last 30 years or more. Americans like a winner. We like a fighter. We like someone who will Champion our causes and stop the Liberals from screwing us and our nation at every turn.

So now, what can we do to show our dislike for what the Republican "establishment" is doing? 

Stop contributing to any Republican campaign until the Republican Party recognizes and supports the candidate of OUR choice and not theirs. 

For me, I will not contribute a single dime until our party quits acting like a bunch of treasonous jackasses -- and starts backing our choice.

So yes, that's my answer. With all that's going on, all of the attacks on Donald Trump at every turn from the Right and the Left, I support Donald Trump for president. To me, he is the clear choice to fight Hillary Clinton and win -- and to fix the wrongs that have taken place in our country.

My regular readers can tell that I'm very angry at what's going on within the Republican Party. I expect the Liberal News Media to attack Donald Trump and get behind Clinton. And yes, lately even FOX News appears to be attacking Trump as often as it can. But while that's to be expected, I'm mad as hell at jerkweeds like Jeb Bush and others like Glenn Beck who are attacking Trump and have either said they will vote for Hillary Clinton or are simply giving Clinton ammo at every turn.

Yes, I'm very angry at those Republican fakers out there who claim to be Conservatives yet would vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump -- and attack him with everything they have including lies. They are the problem with our party, not Trump.

I'm angry at the people who always talk a great fight yet somehow always find excuses for not doing the right thing. Yes, I'm talking about those Republicans who we vote into office. But friends, I'm also talking about others such as so-called Conservative bloggers and commentators, those supposedly Red State folks, yes folks who I see as traitors who are proving to be Republicans In Name Only -- yes, RINOs.

I'm mad as hell at supposed Conservatives, phony Republicans, who have actually come out of the closet to show themselves as nothing more than Hillary Clinton supporters. They have the nerve to back politics-as-usually, and have taken it upon themselves to attack Donald Trump and give ammo to the Democrats.

They should be ashamed of themselves for helping Hillary Clinton get elected. Frankly, they should knock it off -- or quit pretending they are something they are not.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.
Tom Correa

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