Thursday, March 3, 2016

How Dumb Are Supporters Of Socialism?

Bernie Sanders
With Super Tuesday's results in, there appears to be no doubt that Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat Party's candidate. That is if she is not in jail for not securing classified information on her server.

But let's be frank here, since she hasn't been arrested yet, then it looks as though Obama's Justice Department is indeed protecting her and an arrest is not in her future.

She has broken laws pertaining to the handling of National Security information -- a crime in which you and I would have already been arrested for.

Fact is, when the FBI first noted that just one Classified Document was mishandled -- that would have been plenty enough for any one of us ordinary Americans to find ourselves in Federal custody nevertheless Federal Court. And please don't kid yourself, what is going on with Hillary Clinton reeks of favors and politics all which place her above the law.

She has broken laws pertaining to National Security and if she were a Republican -- she would have been arrested long ago. And if she were a Republican, just imagine the firestorm over why she hasn't been arrested. Imagine the news media wanting to get a jailhouse interview with her. Yes, there is a double standard. But also, there is a lesson here for all the world to take note of.

The lesson: Clinton and Obama are showing the word that America is just the same as any Third World Socialist nation where the powerful and politically connected escape justice. Yes, Obama and the Clintons have show the world that if you belong to a favored Political Party and have friends in high places -- then you too can break the law with impunity!

As for Bernie Sanders, that old Communist is getting a taste of real Socialism/Communism these days. It is coming in the form of the Democrat Party rigging their nomination in such a way that even if Hillary Clinton loses a Primary -- she still gets the Delegates. Imagine that?

Sort of like Socialist football played by Democrats where the team that scores has to turn over its points to the team that isn't trying to score!

Yes, the tenants of Socialism dictate that you will be rewarded even if you do not deserve or earn what you are being given as a freebie. Now Bernie Sanders, the man who wants a Socialist America, is finding out that Socialism in America favors the Party elite the same as it did in the former Soviet Union or as it still does in Communist Cuba and places like Venezuela. And even if Sanders thought he was part of the Party elite, he is now finding out that he is not part of the elite of Socialism's hierarchy in the Democrat Party as he thought he was.

Fact is, he is just an old brainwashed Communist foot soldier. He is just a crazy old Marxist who hates everything about America -- except of course what he can get from America. On the other hand, Bill and Hillary Clinton are certainly the Democrat Party's Socialist elite.

By the way, I listened to a speech by Bernie Sanders the other day. Yes, I did!

The whole time, while I shook my head in disbelief at what I was hearing, I couldn't help but wonder if his parents were also Communists? I wondered how an avowed Communist for most of his life, a guy who now wants to re-brand his Communism as some sort of "Democratic Socialism" was elected to office in America?

Of course I wondered how a 74 year old Draft Dodger of the Vietnam War, a man who claimed Conscientious Objector status to stay out of America's military, can now be qualified to be America's Commander & Chief of all military forces? Conscientious Objectors are individuals who have claimed the right to refuse to perform military service on the grounds of freedom of thought, conscience, disability, and/or religion. Sanders, like other greedy cowards, claimed to be a Conscientious Objector to get out of serving America  -- yet he is a man who wants all sorts of Free Stuff from America. Imagine that!

And yes, as I listened to Sanders, I couldn't help but wonder where he was when President John F. Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what you can do for your country!" 

Friends, any day now, I expect Bernie Sanders to get red faced and start waving his hands and shout, "Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you!"

In a speech at Convention Hall in Philadelphia, PA, on October 31st, 1960, John F. Kennedy said:

"I believe in an America where the free enterprise system flourishes for all other systems to see and admire -- where no businessman lacks either competition or credit, and where no monopoly, no racketeer, no government bureaucracy can put him out of business that he built up with his own initiative."

Yes, after listening to Sanders, I couldn't help but wonder if Bernie Sanders ever really comprehend what President Kennedy said? I wondered if he understood that we should give instead of take? But frankly, since it is in direct opposition to Socialism/Communism which Sanders prescribes to -- I'm betting Sanders does not understand that concept at all.

You see, I don't understand how anyone cannot see that Socialism/Communism is a failed attempt to enslave people. And my friends, I really thought human beings were pass doing that sort of harm to themselves -- especially in America.

Why am I so against Socialism/ Communism? Well, let's jump right into it.  First off, free market Capitalism is the savior of the world because it GIVES power and independence to people. Socialism TAKES power and independence from the individual and GIVES it to the government. In Socialism, the government assumes the role of Slave Owner and citizens are treated as Slaves. Socialism is the supreme form of paternalism.

With Capitalism, no matter if young or old, someone from a wealthy family or someone brought up poor, White, Asian, Hispanic, or Black, literate or not, Capitalism is like an incoming tide that lefts all boats. The only things that Capitalism requires is for a person to get off his or her ass and put their boat in the water. That, my friends, requires hard work, one's desire to accept responsibility for his or her own actions, one's ability to have a dream that is positive, to want more in life, and have a genuine want to be more than they are.

I've known all sorts of College educated people who were useless twits because they didn't want to get out of High School. When they entered College, they simply remained in their High School mode by going to College. Today, these are your Bernie Sanders supporters -- the so-called "Millennials" who apparently want everything free while not doing anything to deserve or earn that which they want so badly.

Sanders plays down the fact that everything in life is earned. His Socialist supporters want free, free, free! Free college educations, free healthcare, free food, free liquor, free condoms, free cellphones, free cars, free gas, free clothing, free housing, free pot, free meth, free drugs, free everything! Yes, they want the Communist Dream where a lazy ass can get as much as a hard worker.

I blame their parents and people like Sanders and Obama who push the concept that everything in life should be free -- as long as someone else pays for it. The lazy party, the Democrat Party, those who most likely couldn't answer the basic question of defining what Socialism really is? Or can't tell anyone if indeed Karl Marx did in fact say that Socialism is the first step to Communism?

Who are Bernie Sanders supporters? They are people who want to be stuck in go nowhere jobs and then blame others for not making more money. They are the lazy and the unmotivated, the spoon fed and the babied, the coddled and the whiner. They are slackers who ride their way through College on Mommy and Daddy's money and see the world as one big "freebie!"

They feel they deserve handouts and someone caring for them simply "because" -- and no, they can't answer exactly why they feel so entitled? They believe the same as Bernie Sanders does in that education should be free, housing should be free, cars and food and healthcare and travel and vacations and liquor and cigarettes and pot and cocaine and meth and anything else imaginable should be all free! They see no need to work or strive because jackasses like Sanders and Obama have told these idiots that someone else, some "corporation", some middle-class American, will pay for their freebies.

And why shouldn't they think that way since those "Millennials," those students, who follow Sanders and Obama have had a free ride most of their collective lives. 

Am I saying that there are no working students? No, not at all. But it has been my experience that the students who are working are usually older and come from less well off families. Many of these older students are more Conservative because they have had to work hard to make ends meet. They have seen their paychecks shrink because the Government keeps taking more and more in taxes to pay for free stuff for some lazy student who refuses to get off his ass and find a job to pay his or her way.

Many of these older students already have families and jobs. Many are doing exactly what I did in that they returned to school to take courses so they'd be able to get ahead at work. Of course, many attend Community Colleges for degrees and certifications to follow a dream. I did. While holding down a full load, I worked a full-time job and two part time jobs which meant that I was working over 60 hours a week while going to school.

As for the less well off students, as was the case for me, many do not qualify for the loans that minority students do very easily. Subsequently they have to struggle for whatever assistance they can find it -- or hold two jobs to pay their own way. That's exactly what happened to me. 

Go to Community Colleges around the nation and you can check out how many returning students are taking night classes to get that promotion at work, or may be there simply to better themselves, or are there to advance themselves and be more qualified in the job market. Many are there to get what they need so that they can move on from where they are. And yes, while you're at it take a gander at the skin color of the kids waiting tables, busing tables, or doing jobs that some say only minorities are doing. Those jobs are the jobs that wealthy kids who don't have to work, and minority kids who qualify for assistance, don't have to do. 

Dose this sound like class warfare? No, I'm just stating my own experiences from 35 years ago and what people are writing to tell me is going on today. The many students who read my little blog write me all the time. From youngsters raising a pig for 4H to those in college who are looking for the other side of what their Communist instructor or professor is telling them -- a lot of students are writing me here and on Facebook to hear the other side. 

And yes, don't kid yourself, many are not fooled by fakes like Bernie Sanders. Many of those who write me want to know how, for example, University professors can receive huge salaries and always want higher pay and perks -- yet tell their students that they shouldn't have to pay for a College education? Many want to know why Socialist professors don't simply refuse the big salaries and educate their classes for free as good Socialist would do?

Many are writing to ask how is it that Black Lives Matter students can pass courses that they are not attending? And yes, they ask why students who are White, Asian, Hispanic, and Black, but are Conservatives, being held to a different standard than Liberal and Black students these days?

As for what goes on in Colleges, I tell them about the time an Ultra-Leftist College teacher refused to allow me back into his Political Science class until I "leave my American flag outside" his class! Yes, tolerance and the touchy-feely-hearts of Democrats may be there for murderous sons-of-bitches like Che Guevara and murderers on death row or abortionist who sell dead baby parts, but they have no tolerance for those who defend America -- especially in the classroom. 

And as for Black Lives Matter and the pass that they receive because of their skin color. Fact is, that pass only renders their Diplomas even more worthless because they weren't achieved through scholastic achievement -- but instead as some sort of political gift. 

Yes, I worked a 60 plus hour a week job as a Security Supervisor/Investigator/ Strike Coordinator, the whole time that I was going to College carrying a full load. I felt at times as if I had to eat my text books to understand the subjects, but like others -- I got what I put into it. No, I never did receive a "pass" of any sort.

And that leads me to my problem with Socialism and Communism as a whole. No, I'm not going to talk about the refugees that I saw fleeing South Vietnam back in 1975 when the Communist overthrew the Republic of Vietnam. And no, I'm not going to talk about the "Communist Re-education Camps" that were in fact set up by the Communist right after they overrun the South. And no, I'm not going to talk about the three million South Vietnamese people who were slaughtered in those camps -- all because they would not accept the Communist doctrine of being slaves to the government.

No, I'm not going to talk about the millions of innocents who were killed in the former Soviet Union, in Communist China, the thousands killed in Cuba and other Communist nations. No, I'm not going to talk about our loss of jobs to China who still uses slave labor camps, or the murderers running Cuba, the Communist turmoil in "Socialist" Venezuela, and those dictators in former Iron Curtain nations who ruled with an iron fist and killed their own people in the hundreds of thousands to keep their Socialist states from grumbling. 

I will talk about how "Economic Equality" is flourishing around the world and yet we here in the United States have old Communists jerks like Bernie Sanders who believe Capitalism makes "Economic Inequality".

Please understand that that is the complete opposite of what the entire world is experiencing, but Old Communists don't give up on spreading the lie that the role of government is act as a Salve Master and make sure the slaves are all fed and treated equally.

Of course, they never mention that as with any Slave State propped up by a Police State, the slaves that don't produce are gotten rid of and replaced with other slaves. That is what takes place in China where political foes to Communism are sent to the slave labor camps, and of course Muslim nations still use Black and Christian slaves today. The ones that work hard are rewarded by being allowed to live -- the ones that don't are killed.

Socialists like to say that Capitalism means "greed"! They also like to say that a society like ours with the free market has "Economic winners and losers". Friends, fact is there are winners in Capitalism. They are those who work hard to get ahead. They are those who work hard even if that means taking any job as a stepping stone to raise up from where you are economically.

As for losers? Well, they're those who do not want to work, who refuse a job because of pride or their desire to remain unemployed instead of taking a lesser position and working for a lesser wage. Some don't like "starting over" and working their way up the ladder again after being laid off. And yes, there are those who are content with being discontented about where they are. 

Now, before you send me a letter saying that you have been out of work for 7 years during Obama's Economic Recovery and would work instead of depending on the government for help. Please don't because I've been there -- and frankly, I took anything as long as it was a job.

Do I believe the government should have a role in caring for some folks such as with Social Security benefits or with Veterans benefits? Absolutely yes they should!

Those programs were paid for by Americans -- they are not freebies. As for Social Security benefits, all of us who have held jobs paid into that fund. We have all put into the fund since we all started working -- and what we get back will never match what we put in over the years. As for Veterans Benefits, that program is certainly not a freebie either. What it is is a Social Contract as old as time. The contract is one that we Americans make with our military.

The contract: If you my Soldier, Sailor, Airmen. and Marine, fight for me and my family, our nation, to protect our way of life and keep us safe, we as a nation will care for you if you return wounded in some way, shape, or form.

Yes, that's the contract. Fact is, for thousands of years civilized societies are known to have cared for those who stepped forward to be their champions in battle. And friends, make no mistake about it, our military is our champions. For very little compensation, they protect us when the wolf is at the door. They stand on the wall and stop others from attacking us.

So now, how about all of the thousands of other programs in our Federal government? Being frank, some are great while others are a waste because more money goes into the bureaucracy managing those programs than what goes into helping those the programs are supposed to address. And yes, that waste and bureaucracy is the biggest problem today. But also, there is the fact that in many cases today, we have thousands of social programs employing millions of people in both the Federal government -- and in 50 State governments all to address the same problem. 

The problem: Redundancy is rampant and wasteful. And yes, those who need help are still not being served by either the Feds or the State which they live. This waste and bureaucracy and redundancy takes place in Socialist governments all of the time. The reason is that it is one way for those in power to employ people. They employ them in the government to the point where more taxes go to paying for those government employees than to the people which are supposed to be helped. 

Career politicians like Sanders, Clinton, and Obama, have never ran businesses and have never had to take the risk of doing so. They live and work in the government where they never have to admit failure, private businesses do. In government, there are all sorts of wasteful programs that the government keeps throwing money into to make wrong -- even when the program does not work and everyone knows it.  

So now, let's talk about what is a "con man"? Dictionaries define a "con man" as a person who swindles another by means of a confidence game, by tricking them. being dishonest. Short for a "confidence man" who is a person who swindles others. A "confidence game," also known as a "con game," is the swindle in which the swindler, after gaining the confidence of the victim, robs the victim by cheating his victim. 

Con games are also known as scams, Ponzi schemes, bait-and-switch, cheating, chicanery, deception, defrauding someone or a group, extortion, fraud, racket, rip off, a shakedown, a shell game, trickery, and a swindle. All have one thing in common -- to swindle you by gaining your confidence first. 

The oldest "Con Game" is the common mousetrap. The cheese is the lure to gain the mouse's interest. Since it is out in the open, the mouse has confidence that it will get something for free. The swindle, the trick, the scam, takes place when the mouse tries to get the cheese and the trap is sprung and it kills the mouse.

So who is the real "Con Men" in today's politics? Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrat Party comes in second to hardcore Socialist/Communist like Bernie Sanders. And of course, some Republicans spend taxpayer money like drunken Democrats -- so they are just as bad, but Bernie Sanders is the worse! 

Obama and Clinton and the Democrat Party lie to get votes, but Sanders is actually swindling others to help him introduce his political ideology -- an ideology that support slavery and is against our freedoms and liberties. And yes, those too dumb to know better are all for it. 

You see, Bernie Sanders paints the picture that all we have to do is raise taxes on the rich who already pay 60 to 70 percent of what they make to the government in taxes. What he is not saying is that everyone -- yes, everyone -- will be forced to pay higher taxes so that we can all give him his idea of Communist Utopia where everything is supposedly free. And yes, that is part of the swindle.

There is more, you see Bernie Sanders and other Communists have never talked about the hungry, the lack of food production, and the long lines for food in Socialist nations. They don't talk about the reality of Socialism in a society that runs out of other people's money -- like say the nation of Greece today. 

And while we are being frank, let's call a spade a spade. Bernie Sanders calls himself a Socialist, but he is a full blown Communist who has been affiliated to Communist organizations all of his adult life. He likes to talk about "giving" free college and "giving" free medical and so on to "everyone". Yes, there's the cheese. There's the lure. 

But no, he doesn't mention a word about the trap of total Socialism and eventual Communism. Bernie Sanders doesn't want to talk about how the government will pick who it will sent to Colleges, what courses a student will be compelled to take like it or not, where they live, how they dress, or even who they can and can't associate with. 

It is amazing how Communist leave those "little" things out when talking about how a Socialist government rules the lives of people by placing them under their thumb. If the government runs on the model of Karl Marx and his Communist idealism, Bernie Sanders will have successfully swindled the American people, his supporters, into believing that they can get "free" things for "free" -- all while knowing that all of that free stuff comes with strings attached. 

If the so-called "Millennials" believe Sanders, then they are either naive at best or terribly dumb at worse.

And yes, while this rant may be way too long, that's just the way I see it! 
Tom Correa

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  1. If you wanna know the level of stupidity in the people who support socialism, go to D.C. But if you wanna know the level of bravery in the people who DON'T support socialism, come here. Just sayin'. As always, Tom, your friend, Benny. And thanks for making me feel right at home.


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