Thursday, March 10, 2016

Let's Talk About Supposed Scandinavian Socialism

I believe Socialism is the last step before Communism. I believe it takes and does not give to those working to achieve something more than what they have. It robs the soul. And frankly, there isn't anything out there that will ever convince me that Socialism and Communism doesn't enslave people. 

If for any other reason, Socialism enslaves people by forcing some to pay for the benefits being used by others who may be able-bodied but simply refuse to work because those benefits are an incentive not to work. And yes, Socialist programs makes people too dependent on the government -- no different than how a pig is too dependent on the farmer for its food.

As for the information that I receive on what's going on in the Scandinavian countries? I'm in contact with many of my Scandinavian readers. 

For one thing, they write to tell me that Scandinavian Socialism is more myth than reality. They tell me that Socialism doesn’t work. And yes, that is why a country like Norway has a Conservative Right-Wing government which is lightening the load on its people by cutting taxes and encouraging the growth of private business.

They also tell me that some of the Scandinavian nations are almost two-tiered in that they have the well-off and the poor. They have a very small middle class and poverty in the Scandinavian nations is extremely high among those who refuse to get off of government programs. 

They tell me that the poor are extremely dependent on the government, all while the top 10% there hold almost 70% of the country's household wealth. And as for who pays for everything? Who is paying those enormous taxes? 

They tell me that Scandinavian nations are extremely Capitalistic countries. Capitalism works so much that they say that most Scandinavian nations rank higher than the United States when it comes to business freedom, monetary freedom, and the freedoms with which to invest. 

Why? Well first they are not Socialists. Socialism is where the government owns industry and manufacturing, agriculture, and so on, that's not the case in most Scandinavian nations. Sure they have their forms of Social Security and Welfare, and other social programs, but they are actually Capitalists! 

Unlike the Democrat Party's version of Socialism that is being practiced here in America where the government essentially takes over businesses through more and more demands, and making businesses adhere to piles of unreasonable rules and regulations, they have less government rules, regulations, and restrictions than American businesses do. 

And why is their Capitalism working so well? Well, take for example Norway which is doing better than us as far as Capitalism goes. Because they have less restrictions than we do, and the fact that Norway is almost completely supported by their nation's oil production.

In 1969, the Phillips Petroleum Company discovered petroleum resources at the Ekofisk field west of Norway. In 1973, the Norwegian government founded the State oil company, Statoil. Oil production did not provide net income until the early 1980s because of the large capital investment that was required to establish the country's petroleum industry. 

Yes, the Norwegian government founded a Norwegian government owned oil company. Can you just imagine how Democrats here would crap themselves if the United States government actually created its own oil company?  

Around 1975, both the proportion and absolute number of workers in their efforts peaked. Since then the government has outsourced labor and services, such as mass production and shipping, to private corporations. Yes, that word American Democrats hate -- "Corporations."

In 1981, a Conservative government replaced the Socialist Labor Party with a policy of stimulating the "stagflated" economy with tax cuts, economic growth, and deregulation. As recent as 2013, the Norwegian parliament is still a Conservative government. 

Can you imagine if Democrats would allow us here in America to produce enough oil to completely fund most of our Social programs like Norway does? Most of Norway’s per capita GDP is based on oil revenues. And yes, Norway has the revenue to take care of a population about the size of Wisconsin just off their oil revenue. 

So yes, fact is Scandinavian nations have Capitalist business structures. As for the Socialism that is very present in those nations, it appears not what most folks thing it is. For example, Scandinavian nations not as oil fortunate as Norway, like say Sweden, the Socialists of their Social Democrat Party had to admit failure and were forced to reduce its welfare state and even went so far as privatizing public services and goods.

And by the way, from what I've read, Scandinavians themselves are often not as convinced that "Scandinavian Socialism" works at all. Sweden’s own ex-Prime Minister Carl Bildt pronounced it "a failure."

Today, Sweden's government is not influenced by Karl Marx -- but instead more by Milton Friedman who was a Conservative American Economist who was an economic adviser to Republican President Ronald Reagan and Conservative British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Milton Friedman received the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Scandinavian countries have relatively low poverty rates but Scandinavians have not eliminated poverty. According to one report that I've read, there is an interesting question as to whether the low poverty rates there are thanks to some sort of Social/Conservative economic system or thanks to Scandinavians being hard-working thrifty disciplined people. 

Fact is Scandinavians are known as some of the hardest working people in the world, and in spite of the availability of enormous social benefits  in the form of unemployment and welfare programs, all which create incentives to avoid work, Sweden has a labor force participation rate that is one of the highest in Europe.

While that's a tribute to Scandinavians as a whole, right now their welfare and social programs are being drained because of the influx of hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees who all want everything for nothing. Yes, just like what Bernie Sanders is promising his supporters here during this election.

Of course the irony for Bernie Sanders, who preaches the greatness of Socialism, is that he is learning what Socialism is really about because of the Super Delegate process of the primary election. In the New Hampshire where Sanders won the Primary, Hillary Clinton got all of the Delegates even though she lost. Yes, Bernie Sanders learned the unfairness of Socialism where all of his work was for nothing! Bernie Sanders supporters talk about how they feel the burn, but it was Bernie who got burned in New Hampshire in a true Socialist/Communist fashion.   

And friends, because of that availability of enormous social benefits in the form of unemployment and welfare programs, Muslim refugees are using these benefits as incentives to avoid work. 

Because of this, Scandinavian people want to know where is the fairness in Socialism? The hard working folks there are finding it offensive to support the lazy ass refugee who somehow feels entitled simply because it is available. 

Folks in Scandinavian countries are now asking themselves if it is morally right that one person should work while another able bodied person refuses to? Just because they can and the benefits are available for them to do so, why should they be permitted to do so? And yes, there is the ultimate failure of Socialism and subsequently Communism -- the abuse by some while others toil.

In Socialism, there is a point when the farmer who wakes every morning at the crack of dawn and works the plow all day sees that he's getting less than the lazy ass who refuses to work.  That is the moment of failure for a Socialist society. When that farmer refuses do anything because he feels he too is entitled to reap those benefits and not do anything for them -- the system is in trouble. When that happens, no one will eat -- not the farmer nor the lazy ass who simply wants to take what others provide. That is the result of Socialism. It rewards the lazy and the unproductive.

That is its inherent failure. It has everything to do with abuse, greed, laziness, corruption, apathy, and a system that is meant to help those truly in need -- but is often violated by those not in need. And all the while, the good citizen carries the load. 

And yes, that's just the way I see it.
Tom Correa 

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