Monday, July 11, 2016

Obama Promotes Hate And Division

He Is Responsible For The Racial Divide In America Today

Back on March 3rd, it was reported that President Barack Obama said, "I certainly have not contributed to dividing the country."

Instead of owing up to his hate-filled rhetoric, his condemnation of police officers before the facts are in, and his stirring up racial tensions between Black and White Americans,

Obama blames the division in our nation on Republicans, Fox News, Conservative talk-radio, Conservative bloggers, and of course the Tea Party. Yes, during a White House press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Obama had the nerve to say just that: 

"I’ve said at the State of the Union that one of my regrets is the degree to which polarization and the nasty tone of our politics has accelerated rather than waned over the course of the last 7 1/2 years. 

I do all kinds of soul searching in terms of, are there things that I can do better to make sure that we are unifying the country. 

But I also have to say that objectively it’s fair to say that the Republican political elites and many of the information outlets, social media and news stations, talk radio, television stations have been feeding the Republican base for the last seven years a notion that everything I do is to be opposed, that cooperation or compromise somehow is a betrayal, that maximalist, absolutist positions on issues are politically advantageous, that there is a ‘them’ out there and an ‘us’ and ‘them’ are the folks who are causing whatever the problems you’re experiencing and the tone of that politics, which I certainly have not contributed to. 

You know, I don’t think that I was the one to prompt questions about my birth certificate, for example. I don’t remember saying, ‘Hey, why don’t you ask me about that?’ ‘Why don’t you question whether I’m American or whether I’m loyal or whether I have America’s best interests at heart.’ 

Those aren’t things that were prompted by any actions of mine, and so what you’re seeing within the Republican Party is, to some degree, all of those efforts over a course of time creating an environment where somebody like a Donald Trump can thrive."

Obama Does Not Understand Our System Of Government 

Friends, after reading that statement from Obama, I couldn't help but think that he just doesn't get it! He just doesn't understand us, our system of government, our way of doing things, or simply how Americans think. And worse, he doesn't understand that what he says has influence -- especially to other Black Americans. 

Obama does not understand that we Conservatives elect people to fight for us and our beliefs and simply give in to him and his. As he said, "everything I do is to be opposed, that cooperation or compromise somehow is a betrayal, that maximalist, absolutist positions on issues are politically advantageous." I say that's great! 

Yes, I've never been for the sort of "change" that he's had in mind for America -- never have been and never will be. The very last thing I want is some weak kneed slack jawed "Republican in name only" bowing down and kissing his ass. Like most Conservatives, I didn't want any cooperation or compromise to allow his ideas of some sort of "fundamental change," Socialism, Communism, Islam or other ideas that he has had in mind for us.  

As for him saying it's seen as "Betrayal"? Damn right it would be betrayal. The Republicans who have gone along with him have certainly betrayed fellow Republicans. But more importantly, they have betrayed Americans who need people to fight policies that are unreasonable and over-reaching. 

That is the system of an elected republic! Why doesn't he know that? One party says they want one thing, but if another party thinks that is unreasonable or over-reaching than they stop it from taking place. 

That's the way our system should work if the system is working correctly. Some scream and call it "gridlock!" But the one's doing the screaming are usually the politicians who can't get their way and now scream to get support. 

As for an "us" and "them"?  Obama blames everything that he cannot do, or has refused to do like his refusing to actually use the legislative process as the system was designed, on "them". In his head, he is "us" and we are "them"!  He said, "and 'them' are the folks who are causing whatever the problems you’re experiencing and the tone of that politics, which I certainly have not contributed to."

Republicans have because we don't agree with him. Imagine that for a moment. He is saying that the hate and division in America is just because Republicans won't kiss his ass and give in to him. Yes, that's what we get from having a president who has never had to run a business and has a "my way or the highway" attitude when it comes to working with others. 

In his time as president,  other than ObamaCare, he has never had to work to get legislation pushed through Congress. And frankly, let's be honest, he had his Democrat controlled Congress do that for him regarding ObamaCare "without even reading it." 

Fact is, he has resorted to "executive orders" in the same way that Dictators issue edicts demanding changes that he knows damn well would never fly in a democratic form of government where it would normally be picked apart. Yes, that's the spoiled brat demanding he get his way! 

According To Obama: All Whites Are Racists And Whites Should Be Hated!

Yes, this is how all of this "racist" crap started in today's America. It started when Obama didn't get his way! He started calling everyone who opposed his policies names like "racists."

After any legislative resistance, Obama would tout how the "only reason" his demands are not being met is because those opposing him are "racists"! They can't just be people with different opinions as with other presidents. No, they have to be "racists"!

Friends, after years of race relations being pretty good in the United States, Obama is the reason we have the racial divide, the Black hate for Whites and Police Officers that we have today. Obama is the reason that race relations are the worse they have ever been. 

As for his name calling, his offensive personal jabs at others during his speeches, his lies and con games, his criminal behavior, and his turning Americans against each other? Well, that's just who we have as a president in Obama!

And yes, he is given a pass. The Liberal media says he can get away with it because he is Black. And like it or not, there are those who are afraid of being labeled "racist" if they report what he has been doing in a negative manner. He successfully intimidated Americans into allowing him to do wrong, just so they wouldn't be called "racist". 

Obama has never been made to answer why he feels that it's OK for the President of the United States to divide the nation on racial lines as he has? Sure he can lie to all and make statements like how he has "not contributed to dividing the country"? But that is a lie. And yes, he lies even though he has encouraged Black hatred for White Police Officers.

To me, Barack Obama is the number one reason for America being dangerously divided today. And frankly, one has to start when he became president. The problem started when he became a "Black president" and not simply "Mr. President."

My point is, in a nation seeking a "color-blind society" -- the last thing we needed was a president who focuses on his color. 

Many of us did not care what color his is, and still don't. Many of us don't give a damn if he is black, half-black, or purple. Many of us don't care because we consciously focus in on his policies, horrible judgement, and lies, while refusing to take the bait and get sucked into the diversions that he and his administration has put forward.

Yes, diversions such as his constant use of a "race card" which is meant to divide our nation. Yes, diversions meant to distract us from addressing our problems -- whether it is the economy or his lack of strategy dealing with his Muslim brothers who want to kill us.

His favorite diversion is his constant use of a "race card." What he doesn't seem to understand, or wants us to forget, is that White or Black, Asian or Hispanic, Native American, European, or Slavic, if a person's character is in question -- color and ancestry doesn't mean a thing.

Obama's War On Whites And The Police

Obama's conscious efforts to divide our nation are shown in his actions and what he says. Remember, on the day before a Black man who was affiliated with the New Black Panther Party shot 11 Police Officers, killing 5 of them, Obama stirred up Black hatred for the Police by addressing two incidents still under investigation.

He has done this his whole time in office. He started criticizing the Police handling of a professor which lead to what the media called a "Beer Summit" with the White Officer who he criticized and the Black perpetrator who was a friend of Obama.

In that instance, Obama said, "The Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. . . . What I think we know — separate and apart from this incident — is that there is a long history in their country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that’s just a fact."

Since then, when a Black thug attacked a Police Officer in Ferguson Missouri, and even later after that Officer was found to be in the right, Obama's rhetoric was meant to stir up racial tensions, incite riots, and encourages attacks on White Police Officers.

Of course, when 4 Black men and one Black woman torture, rape, mutilate, and then murder a White couple such as in the case of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, nothing is heard from Obama or his administration because they were White.

When 17 Black men raped and murdered, actually burned to death, Jessica Chambers , nothing is heard coming from Obama or his administration over the horrible acts. Yes, the thugs doused her with gasoline and then burned her alive. But frankly, she wasn't worth Obama's time because she was White. That's the way Obama operates.

You say you don't agree that he hates Whites? Well, here are some of his racist statements meant to stir hate for Whites and Police Officers. Ask yourself if this is appropriate coming from a President of the United States?

"It was usually an effective tactic, another one of those tricks I had learned: (White) People were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves. They were more than satisfied, they were relieved -- such a pleasant surprise to find a well-mannered young black man who didn't seem angry all the time." -- Barack Obama

"The point I was making was not that Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn't. But she is a typical white person." -- Barack Obama

Obama believes "typical" white people are out to get blacks, and can’t control their White inner racism. In reality, from his comments, Obama has proven himself a racist -- not White people.

Imagine if a White politician called someone a "typical Black person." Imagine the out-rage over a statement such as that. But since Obama is insulting White Americans, the Liberal mainstream media grants him a pass and doesn't report the story.

"I don’t believe it is possible to transcend race in this country. Race is a factor in this society. The legacy of Jim Crow and slavery has not gone away. It is not an accident that African-Americans experience high crime rates, are poor, and have less wealth. It is a direct result of our racial history." -- Barack Obama

"That's just how white folks will do you. It wasn't merely the cruelty involved; I was learning that black people could be mean and then some. It was a particular brand of arrogance, an obtuseness in otherwise sane people that brought forth our bitter laughter. It was as if whites didn't know that they were being cruel in the first place. Or at least thought you deserving of their scorn." -- Barack Obama

Then Of Course, There's His Spin On An Incident Depending On The Perpetrator's Race! 

In the wake of the killings in Charleston, and after a few instances of police officers killing Black thugs, Obama said, "The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination in almost every institution of our lives — you know, that casts a long shadow. And that's still part of our DNA that's passed on. We're not cured of it [racism]."

While he focused on White racism when the perpetrator is a White person, Obama's statements after the planned racial attack on White Police Officers by a Black man affiliated with the Black Panther Party had nothing to do with Black racism. In fact, he first tried diverting the attention off of Black racism and onto Gun Control.

Yes, he did the same thing when gay Black racist Vester Lee Flanagan, whose used the alias "Bryce Williams" as a journalist, viciously gunned down White reporter Alison Parker and a White cameraman Adam Ward -- because they were white,  In that instance, like that of what just took place in Dallas Texas as a result of Obama's racist, hate-filled, violence-inciting progressive rhetoric, Obama came out to show his hypocrisy and attack gun ownership and Second Amendment rights instead of addressing Black hate of Whites and Police Officers.

Regarding the Dallas planned attack on White Police Officers? Obama said "it’s hard to untangle the motives of the shooter." 

Imagine that for a moment. We all know what his motives were. We all know that the gunman  Micah X. Johnson killed five Dallas police officers and that he told the Dallas Police that he "wanted to kill white police officers."

Dallas police said Johnson told them before he was killed that he specifically was targeting white police officers for killing, and he was upset about the Black Lives Matter movement. Obama knew this and instead of saying so -- he said, "it’s hard to untangle the motives of the shooter." 

That is a huge contrast between this and when Obama was quick to denounce the actions of Whites doing racist acts -- such as when a White man murdered nine Black Christians in Charleston, South Carolina. 

In that instance, Obama used it to stir racial tensions by saying, "The motivations of the shooter remind us that racism remains a blight that we have to combat together." 

And if you think I'm exaggerating his stirring the pot, remember that just a couple of months ago President Obama said, "White folks have been the problem all along." Yes, that is as racist a statement that one can say.

And yes, Obama Has A Real Hatred For The Police

He was talking about voting rights, but one really wouldn't know that since Obama clings to racism and has a personal hatred for Whites.  Racism and hatred against Whites and the Police is his stock and trade. It's what he believes in more than anything else. That is other than Islam and protecting Muslim terrorist.

And yes, like appointing Muslim Brotherhood members and others with ties to Radical Islam to positions in his administration and the Department of Homeland Security, Obama's anti-Police ideology was demonstrated for all to see when he nominated Debo Adegbile to head the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice back in 2014. 

Friends, the DOJ Civil Rights Division that investigates and brings lawsuits against police departments and officers around the country. Debo Adegbile is an anti-Police activist who is known for having volunteered to defend America’s most notorious cop-killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal. 

More than 30 years ago, Abu-Jamal was convicted of murdering Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner who was just 26 years old. Abu-Jamal shot Officer Faulkner multiple times -- including in the face. All for no other reason than vile hate, yet Adegbile volunteered to represent him.

In February 2014, six major law enforcement organizations representing more than one million law enforcement officers across the country, including the Fraternal Order of Police, sent scathing letters to Obama to voice their united opposition at the nomination of Debo Adegbile. 

Adding insult to injury, it was later revealed that these Law Enforcement organizations weren't even consulted before Obama put Adegbile up for the confirmation for that position. Maureen Faulkner, Officer Faulker’s widow, was also left in the dark. No one in the Obama administration bothered to talk to her.

Adegbile’s nomination was such an affront to justice, the rule of law and the law enforcement community, that his confirmation was in fact voted down by the Senate. And what was Obama's reaction to the vote not to confirm him? Obama called his failed confirmation a "travesty." 

Frankly, the real travesty was Obama nominating such a man in the first place. And yes, it is believed that when Obama’s time in office finally ends on January 20th, 2017, he will pardon the cop-killer Abu-Jamal on his way out.

Right after a New York grand jury decided not to indict the New York Police Officer who killed Eric Garner, Obama said "bad training" and a police "fear of folks who look different" in police departments across America have contributed to the ongoing mistrust between law enforcement and minority communities.

He said, "The vast majority of law enforcement officers are doing a really tough job, and most of them are doing it well and are trying to do the right thing, But a combination of bad training, in some cases, a combination in some cases of departments that really are not trying to root out biases, or tolerate sloppy police work; a combination in some cases of folks just not knowing any better, and in a lot of cases, subconscious fear of folks who look different -- all of this contributes to a national problem that’s going to require a national solution."

He went on to say, "This country is at its best when everybody is being treated fairly. We have a history and a legacy of people not being treated fairly in all kinds of walks of life. It is particularly important for people to feel like they’re being treated fairly by law enforcement and police, because the consequences when they’re not treated fairly can be deadly."

Let's remember that Obama's hate for Police and especially White Police Officers is nothing new. Obama has been quiet as more and more Police officers have become sitting ducks since Ferguson.

After the Black Lives Matter hate group increases up their hate speech, they were invited to the Obama White House and told by the president how great a job they are doing. No, Americans then just as today had no leadership at that meeting to tell them to knock it off.

Friends, 23 law enforcement officers were gunned down in the line of duty in 2015, and it's no secret that the Obama War On Police is partly to blame. Police Officers know full well that there is a lack of support of law enforcement by this administration, and its making their lives on the street tougher and a lot more dangerous.

Imagine this for a moment, at one point last year America saw eight officers killed in a nine-day period. Yes, eight police officers killed in the line of duty and Obama did not come forward to even acknowledge what was taking place.

Remember that Obama sent multiple representatives from the White House to attend the funerals of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner. He did not send a single representative to the funerals of those slain Police Officers.

And frankly, he has had opportunity after opportunity to say something to positive to stop the killings -- but instead all he's done is escalate things through rhetoric meant to incite racial division and more hate.

Yes, Obama should own his actions because he is responsible for playing the Race Card over and over and over again. He has created this atmosphere of hate and distrust of races. He has created an America where Blacks simply want to kill Whites and Police Officers for no other reason than to go along with a White and Police hating President Obama.

Yes, Obama's America is one where Blacks want to join hate groups like the New Black Panther Party just to have the chance to kill Whites and Police Officers.

Does the lives of all Americans matter? Yes they do. Yes, in the very same way Police Lives Matter and White Lives Matter. Obama loves to hear himself talk, but he never speaks up when it matters most in a way that would help stop violence. He never uses his position to encourage sane and civilized behavior, instead using his position to incite violence and divide us.

Friends, we have over 900,000 law enforcement officers in the United States. While it is true that there are going to be a few bad apples, the vast majority, the vast majority, are good and noble people trying to do a tough job that is thankless in many cases. They certainly do not deserve the disrespect and hate coming from President Obama. It is just uncalled for.  

And yes, that's just the way I see it.
Tom Correa


  1. Racism and white supremacy have poisoned the United States for over 3 centuries.

    To claim "Obama is responsible" is INCREDIBLY FREAKING IGNORANT.
    What....what could intelligent people DEPLORABLES to say?!

  2. Hello Mr. Lindsay,
    While I don't usually respond to such comments, allow me to help you with a fact or two.

    First, racism and white supremacy have not been a part of the United States for over 3 centuries because the United States has not been around for over 3 centuries. In fact, our nation, the United States, has only been around 243 years to date. As for racism and white supremacy, you're unaware that the United States outlawed the importation of African slaves into the Unites States in 1808 -- a mere 25 after our nation formally won our independence. A short 57 years later, slavery was abolished in the entire United States. The first anti-racism acts were in the 1860s less than a hundred years after our nations founding and the first equal rights legislation was in the 1870s. That was 149 years ago. Democrats have fought against equal rights and even stalled the 1964 Civil Rights Act. As for President Obama, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, it is a fact that Obama set race relations in the United States back 50 years. As a black-supremacist, anti-American apologist, he divided the United States on racial, class, and religious lines. He did so by attacking the police, by attacking George Zimmerman who killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense, by inviting the heads of Black Lives Matter to the White House -- a group which viciously attacked Whites, Hispanics, Asians, and the elderly on a constant basis.. Obama never spoke out against their racist activities, but instead allowed the New Black Panther Party to intimidate voters at polls during elections. So please, check your facts, put your bias and love for Obama away while you do your homework and learn the truth of what took place between 2009 and January of 2017.

    Tom Correa

  3. I agree with Tom, John. You really should put away all prejudice and admiration for Barack Obama. I understand that you will feel a certain way for a politician and that's fine and everything but you need to realize that not everybody feels the same way as you do. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, especially you, but it would help if you kept all negative feelings towards Obama to yourself. And Tom is right. You DO need to do some more homework and research before you go criticizing a political figure's actions. And before you jump on me about how you should really feel about Obama, keep in mind that I am only trying to help you. I am NOT trying to tell you how to live. If you think I am doing so, then you should probably stop using this platform. If you don't like what's being said, then don't post a comment. Plain and simple. And besides, it's too late for you to remove your comment anyway. I just thought I'd get that off my chest before some entitled Karen came on here trying to defend your actions by saying I was wrong. And no, neither you nor Tom are entitled Karens. I'm just saying that somebody in general might agree more with you than they would with me. And that's fine. But please. Don't think for one second that we have any hatred towards Obama. We just don't like him as a president. Or at least we didn't. But it wasn't because of his race or his wealth. It was because of his attitude. Oh, and John, I hope you're feeling much better. I wouldn't wanna find out that all this criticism went to your head. Because the last thing we want is for you to go on some tangent or tirade. Best wishes from Tom and Benny and NOT Tom and Jerry. Peace out.


Thank you for your comment.