Friday, February 18, 2011

Obama Funding Gay Instruction For Marines

Talk About Wasteful Military Spending!

Last December, Marine Corps Commandant General James Amos said he opposed ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" because "allowing openly gay Marines to serve could get Marines killed in combat."

In front of Congress, he talked about how ultimately the voices of forward-fighting combat Marines who worried about unit cohesion was more important than a Pentagon Survey. 

The Commandant said this so that there would be no mistaking his words, "Mistakes and inattention or distractions cost Marines lives."

Then he went on to say, "That's the currency of this fight. I take that very, very seriously. I don't want to lose any Marines to the distraction. I don't want to have any Marines that I'm visiting at Bethesda (the National Naval Medical Center in Maryland) with no legs be the result of any type of distraction."

But that was December and before the Democrat controlled House left office, they gave President Obama a gift to celebrate about. It was their voting for the repeal of the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy enacted under President Clinton.

Now since January when Conservatives took control of the House of Representatives, Obama has now started talking about ways to cut the spending.

According to the Obama Administration there is not enough money for salary increases for our military personnel. And I am told that there is no funds available for addition uniform needs and related individual combat equipment for our troops, and I'm told that our troops have to buy many things on their own. Some troops, especially some of my fellow Marines, have written me saying that they have had to buy their own desert uniforms accessories and related individual combat equipment before being deployed overseas.

And no, I've never heard of such a thing! That is other than Soldiers during the Civil War between 1861 and 1865 buying some of their own weapons in some cases.

We Americans were told when Obama first entered the White House that he wanted to charge our wounded troops for the Medical Care that they were receiving from the military. In fact this White House "floated" an idea to make our returning wounded pay for ALL of their Medical Care, both during their time in the service and after they are released from Active Duty when they seek care from the Veterans Administration for their Service Connected Disabilities.

One of Obama's Campaign Promises was to bring the troops home no matter what. And his reasoning was that we cannot afford what the war in Iraq was costing us. It was money better spent at home, we were told.

But wait, with the winding down of combat operations in Iraq and now Afghanistan so we're told, now one of our Marine Generals in Afghanistan says Marines under his command "will undergo training to prepare for the repeal of the military's ban on openly gay troops before they return home."

Yes, that's right. According to the Obama Administration there is no money for more Combat Training or other additional such as say Anti-Terrorist Training that might be needed to prevent another 9/11. Most people don't know that during President Carter Administration that was the first thing to be cut by his administration, all Military Training programs. Obama seems to be revising that policy for his own uses.

According to Obama there are no funds available to cover additional training, or uniform costs, or a decent pay raise, or to assist military families who face extreme financial hardship. Many military families are facing extreme hardship having their husbands and wives leave good paying civilian jobs when they were called up for active duty while a Reservist.

And yes, according to this White House there are no funds available for even the smallest program to assist our troops when getting ready to re-enter society as civilians. And yes, you're also right that he has stated that there is no money to put troops on our southern border at the front door of that war torn area of Mexico where Americans on this side of the border are being kidnapped and killed routinely. No matter how bad it get and the other side becomes even more of a wasteland of death and destruction, a battlefield, Obama refuses to observe the first rule of being President -- protect the American people.

But wait!

On February 17, 2011, Maj. Gen. Richard Mills told reporters in a teleconference call from Helmand Province that all Marines coming off the battlefield will undergo formal classes, discussion groups, and "extensive" training to make sure each individual understands the new rules.

Imagine the picture here. You are a Marine who just left the battlefield, "the battlefield," then as soon as you get back to the rear, your Commander-In-Chief isn't concerned about probable problems with PTSD or a "cooling down" period for you. Heck No!

No! Instead your Commander-In-Chief whats you the Marine who just left the battlefield to go sit through Federal Funded "formal classes, discussion groups, and extensive training" so that you will get along with gays.  It sounds almost too asinine to believe even for coming from Obama.

The AP reports that this is "the first time that the Marines Corps has revealed specific details on how it plans to train troops for the repeal of  DON'T ASK DON'T TELL."

Then went on to state, "the Marine Corps was the most resistant to the change according the Pentagon's military-wide poll."

According to the reports, Maj Gen Mills says, "Educational Material for the training has been distributed to senior officers and it includes setting up scenarios and handling ethical discussions."

Imagine that! Maybe someone should ask how much money is all of this Gay Instruction costing the American Taxpayers? How much did that so-called "Educational Material" cost? How much is all of this Political Correctness costing us both financially and morally as a Nation?

And maybe some people should ask who was in favor of this policy in the first place? The answer is the Liberal Left who owns Obama and who steer his policies.

Maj Gen Mills went on to say, "The classes' Instructors will be trained in the next month or so."

Wow! That hits home with me because that's a big deal in the Corps. As a former Marine and an Instructor, that is a really big deal! 

You see like all Marines, I had Drill Instructor, Close Combat Instructors, Primary Marksmanship Instructors, First Aid Instructors, Heavy and Light Weapons Instructors, Nuclear Biological and Chemical Weapons Instructors, and a bunch of other Instructors.

Being an "Instructor" in the Corps is a big deal and many, if not all, Marines aspire to being Instructors one day. Most would enjoy their chance at being a Drill Instructor. For all Marines, among the many Instructors that we have during our time, we never forget our Drill Instructors.

Well friends, I never ever met a Marine who wanted to be known as a "Gay Instructor."

I'm sorry, but it honestly goes against the grain. Call me "Old Fashion," heck I probably am, but back in my day it was the fastest way to a punch in the mouth. Simply call some guy "queer" or "fag" and the fight was on. I understand tolerance, and I believe Marines are better than the Higher Ups make them out to be. Marines tolerate a great deal.

It's bad enough that the Obama Administration is sticking this to our military while completely rejecting what branches like the Corps says what they need.  I don't think Marines need "formal classes, discussion groups, and extensive training" regarding gay troops. Besides can you imagine yourself walking into a building and asking this question to a group of Marine Sergeants, "Which one of you Sergeants is the Gay Instructor?"

I know it might be funny, but really it's not. It's just more meddling with something that is not broken in the name of CHANGE. It's all about CHANGE that is unwarranted to a Corps that is not broken and which thrives on age old traditions.

But if the Liberal Left in America can break the Corps' spirit and truly achieve its goal to feminize the Marine Corps' Warrior Creed, then all of the Liberals in America can rejoice and can hang a banner of their own to declare "Mission Accomplished."

I believe the Left in America would spend any amount of Taxpayer dollars to see that come to fruition. A feminized America is a Liberal's dream come true.

The Marines, The Few, The Proud, The Politically Incorrect!


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