Wednesday, February 16, 2011


A Poem by Tom Correa

Most folks today work hard just try’n to stay sane,
And today’s Cowboys are pretty much the same.

No matter if young or old, Wrangler, Paniolo, or Vaquero,
They all love an early morning ride through hills that roll
Up from a valley floor of green and golden plains,
The feel of a comfortable saddle that's been maintained,
A brand of their own, jackpot money, ropings, and rodeo.

Cowboys love Quarter Horses, geldings, a mare with heart and a lot of go,
A broad chest, a kind eye, a nice built bay, and tall sorrels.

They love the aroma of fresh coffee wake’n camp to shake the dew,
The sound of a crackling fire, a sip of whiskey, and a good joke or two,
California’s Sierras, the vastness of Montana, and herds of Buffalo.

They love the word “Liberty”, being ready to fight for Freedom never gets old,
And when the sun falls behind Old Glory and she takes on a glow,
A Cowboy will find a feeling that goes right to his soul.

So if a gnaw’n desire becomes fact, go pull your saddle off its rack.
Saddle up slow, and mount up after you take in ‘er slack,
And ride out not caring what time you get back.

Just set your speed and travel use’n a few common sense rules:
First, remember to care for your horse knowing what he can and can’t do.
Second, remember an all day ride ought to be rode with slow pleasure,
Because a constant lope will sooner or later have 'em winded and nowhere.

Move easy with an eye on the terrain, and always watch for bad weather,
All can appear flat and clear, but never give away your slicker.

Don’t let yourself get bogged down with useless questions or ponder
The clever short cuts and easy this or that trail used by others.
The right way might be a hard road, but it won’t last forever,
And the lessons you learn along that trail you’ll always remember.

So try not to trespass where it’s someone else’s estate,
And for God's sake, if you do, please don’t forget to close those gates.

Now if you can’t enjoy the cool smell of summer rain in all of God’s wonder,
And the uncertainties of life truly has you bothered.

Keep in mind, what matters is you, family, compadres, and home.
Gather ‘em up with a faith in God, your horse, and all you’ve sewn,
And hang on to ride out the rough times you're going through!

No matter if young or old, Wrangler, Paniolo, or Vaquero,
Remember to smile knowing you truly can hold your own!

And if some so and so should ask, “Why are you smiling so much today?”
Just go ahead and keep smiling, it doesn't matter what you would say,
Most folks have to figure things out in their own way.

Afterall Cowboys today work hard just try’n to stay sane,
And most folks today are pretty much the same.


  1. That really sums it up and "hits the nail on the head"! If everybody followed that simple, down-to-earth advice, we wouldn't need no @#$%* lawyers!!

  2. Wow, that is awesome! You are very talented and I can tell you have wisdom and insight. And your demeanor is really fascinating! I love the picture! Your place looks like a fantasy land! And the animals, it wouldn't be the same without the animals.

  3. I just can't get over how beautiful and peaceful your place looks! You don't know how bad my soul longs for a place that gives you a feeling like this. Maybe in Heaven.


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