Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Small Tribute To Aneta Florczyk

So who is Aneta Florczyk?

Well friends, Aneta is 5 foot 5 inches tall, she weighs a mere 165 pounds, she's from Poland, and she's also a great deal more. See besides having a career in sports, she's recently been elected to the Malbork City Council.  The city of Malbork in Poland is where Aneta lives. 

That's where despite her new duties as a "Councilor" on the City Council, which I'm sure is the same as a Councilmen and women here, Aneta still maintains her sports career and businesses.

So who says you can't be beautiful, strong, and smart and successful? Aneta is certainly a great example of how to get things done. And by the way, she pronounces her name "Ah-net-ah" and not "Ah-neat-ah".

She has the will, the motivation, the knowledge, and the capability to go as high as she wants to in life. And friends, God Bless her for that. There is nothing worse than a person who has the knowledge and capability to strive for a higher purpose in life, but yet does not have the will and motivation to do it.

She gets it done!  

And of course, she still has to find time to do her most famous demonstration of strength - rolling a frying pan! Yes, rolling a frying pan!  

Don't kid yourselves, friends, this gal is strong! She's not a very big gal at all in comparison to some women bodybuilders and powerlifters who I've known in the past, but God knows Aneta is strong. If you can't imagine rolling a frying pan, then check out this video on YouTube.


And here's a YouTube Video of Aneta, this is when she set the last Guinness Record Book record on China television.


I have no idea how she does what she does, and I have never seen anyone like Aneta. Friends, this little lady is incredible. At the age of sixteen, when she weighed about 130 pounds, Aneta started powerlifting as something to do for recreation. Well she took to it like a swan takes to water, and now to her credit she's an International Champion and in the Guinness Record Books. 

Too Cute!
Looking at this very sweet young women, I'm willing to bet that most folks would probably never believe that she is a Four-Time World's Strongest Women.  Well, she is.

She was World's Champion / World's Strongest Woman in 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2008.

Aneta's Powerlifting and Bench Press achievements:
  • 19 years old Juniors' Champion of Poland in bench press
  • 23 years old Juniors' Champion of Poland in bench press
  • Silver medal in Seniors' Polish Championship in bench press
  • Silver medal on Polish Cup in bench press
  • Gold medal on Polish Cup in powerlifting
  • Seniors' Champion of Poland in powerlifting
  • Sport class - champion' s international
  • Member of National Team in bench press and powerlifting 1999-2001
  • Powerlifting - second place in European Championship of seniors, Luxembourg 2000
  • Record holder of Poland in powerlifting, weight category - 82,5 kg
  • Juniors' Record holder of Europe in dead lift - 213 kg
  • Silver medal in International Arm wrestling Tournament
  • As a first Polish woman she broke the barrier of 500 kg in powerlifting (507,5)
  • As a first Polish woman she broke the barrier of 200 kg in deadlift
And of course, here are some of  her Strongwoman achievements:
  • 2003 – Second place on Scandinavian Championship in Vasteras, Sweden
  • 2003 – First place on Built Solid Strongman Challenge in Columbus, USA
  • 2003 – Fourth place on European Strongest Woman in Ireland
  • 2003 – First place on World' s Strongest Woman in Zambia
  • 2004 – First place on European Strongest Woman in Northern Ireland
  • 2005 – First place on FitExpo in London
  • 2005 – First place on International Norway's Championship in Larvik
  • 2005 – First place on World's Strongwoman Championship in Northern Ireland
  • 2005 – Second place on World's Highland Games Cup in Scotland
  • 2005 – First place on Bregstaed contest, Norway
  • 2005 – First place on Europe's Strongwoman Championship in Bydgoszcz
  • 2006 – First place on World's Strongwoman Championship in Opalenica
  • 2007 – Winning the European Strongwoman Championship - Trondheim, Norway
  • 2008 – Winning the World Strongwoman Championship - Poland, Tczew 
Other achievements:
  • Guinness Record in rolling the frying pans for time - 4 pans of 26cm diameter in 1 minute (Madrid, February 2008)
  • Third place in the polish edition of Stars dancing on ice TV show (March-May 2008)
  • Appearing in many popular programs in polish and foreign TV.
  • An appearance in the Polish edition of the popular adventure show called "Fort Boyard" (July 2008).
  • Improving her own Guinness Record - rolling 5 pans of 26cm diameter in 1 minute (Beijing, China - November 2008).
  • A Guinness World Record in lifting up adult men overhead - 12 persons in 2 minutes (Madrid, Spain - December 2008).
Impressive isn't it! Well, there's more!

Marina Kigileva and Aneta in 2010
In August of 2010, Chelyabinsk, Russia hosted "a battle of two strong women" as the Uralstrong Federation staged a two-event Strongwoman Showdown between Marina "The Armor" Kigileva and Aneta Florczyk. On that day, the outcome was a draw and they both shared the title for 2010.

To me, Aneta is a great champion. And that's not only in powerlifting, but to my way of thinking, she is also a great champion in life itself. Why you ask? Well friends, it's because Aneta has been able to make her sport a positive part of her life while at the same time being a great role model for others. All while being happy with what she's doing. And as we all know, that's a big deal. 

Like most folks, I've known many people in my lifetime. But frankly, I've actually met very few who can say that they are happy with what they're doing in life.

She is a wonderful role model in a world that needs good examples. And yes, in a world where great examples are sometimes hard to find, Aneta is a great example of what a person can do if he or she puts their mind to it. From the pictures that I've seen of Aneta, I would say that besides being an extremely beautiful woman, dimples and all, she also looks like she enjoys what her hard work has brought her. Anyone can see that she likes what she's doing.  She definitely looks like she's having fun.

One last note about her life.  From what I gather, she had to choose which way she wanted to go in life as a kid in the small town where she comes from in Poland.  I guess options for recreation for young people there were really very limited there.

For Aneta, she chose the gym and working out which lead to her interest in powerlifting. She asserted herself and found her sense of individualism. And from what I see, it appears she's won the greatest prize of all in that she enjoys a good life. A good life is not a bad prize at all.

It reminds me of that Robert Frost poem "The Road Not Taken" where he wrote:

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
  I took the one less traveled by,
 And that has made all the difference."

Make not mistake about it, Aneta Florczyk has taken the road less traveled by others. She has persevered. And that, as Frost wrote, has made all of the difference. All while becoming a wonderful role model to others. And really, since the world need more people like her, may God Bless her for that!

Below are a few pictures of Aneta. To learn more about this amazing woman, please click on this link to her website:

And as you can see, I'm definitely a fan!

Tom Correa


  1. Hey Tom just be glad you dont have this gal cookn for ya I dont think you would be complaining about her cooking ha ha

  2. I saw Aneta rolling up that frying pan on U-tube and it was that smile she flashed at the end of the stunt that got me. The only thing she says on that clip is, "ta da!" and it's probably the most charming thing I ever saw. She's great. - Rich Stern

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  4. Ever since I saw her rolling frying pans and deadlifting 250kg like it's air I've been a big fan. I show every single woman who makes some ignorant comment about 'manly' women her vids. Must be embarassing when the type of women they are criticising are far prettier than them!

  5. I couldn't agree more! And yes, like you, I think she's pretty easy on the eyes as well!

  6. She's a pretty awesome women. I think she is cute. I have no idea how she is able to be that strong with such a relative low body weight.

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  8. This is certainly one very attractive and beautiful lady. I have no doubt she breaks a lot of hearts with guys only wishing they could have her as their girlfriend. It's only a matter of time until she will be cast in Hollywood movies. I'm surprised why she isn't already!


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