Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just Americans Talking Politics

At a local coffee shop, a few of us were just sitting there chewing the fat talking about what's been going on in the Country. And yes, as usual it went from one subject to another.

First one of the guys started talking about high gas prices, and the high price of hay these days. Then it went to how food prices are climbing as well. Then all of us talked about the high unemployment numbers in this area and across the Nation.

One friend said, "it's was the damn Liberals and the Environmentalist. They're trying to bring down the Nation."

He mentioned how they shut down our Lumber Mills, but yet at the same time those Liberal types don't find anything wrong with buying lumber from the people who are clear cutting the Rain Forest in Brazil. All there agreed that they are definitely a problem.

"They're the ruination of our Country," another friend said.

Someone said that it's the liberal attitude that's made Americans more dependant on other Nations for everything we need to live. Someone brought up our dependency on Foreign Oil from oil rich Dictators.

Another mentioned that we get almost all of our manufactured products like televisions, radios, other electronics, cars and trucks and their parts from foreigners. Another said let's not forget shoes and boots, clothing, clocks and watches, building supplies, and yes beef and more and more of the food we eat.

I said that I had a problem with the way Liberals think. Only God knows how the Liberal mind allows them to justify the poor working conditions, the slave labor, the polluted rivers and harbors in other countries. At least if we produced stuff here, we'd have a handle on taking care of the workers and making sure the land isn't completely shot to Hell in the mean while.

Another brought up how about their safety measures when it comes to everything from the water they use to make beer in Mexico for example to the horse manure and raw feces that some countries use as fertilize the crops that they are sending to Americans.

Our Environmental Laws have no standing in Foreign Countries. Someone said that he wouldn't want to eat the food that is grown in some of those countries with both no regulation or enforcement.

He said, "Just look what happened in Europe on Tuesday. A News report came out that there was a massive and unprecedented outbreak of bacterial infections linked to contaminated vegetables that were shipped in from one country to another. And it's killing some folks while it's making thousands of other folks sick. And pards that's in at least eight different countries over there."

We all talked about how those Environmentalist are the same folks who live in the city and are trying to shut down American Farms, Ranches, and Dairies.

One of the guys said, "it's as if the damn Liberals have an agenda to shut down everything American and make us all dependant on everyone else! There's nothing wrong with getting some stuff from overseas, put we have so much coming in these days that we ain't got enough inspectors to see if it's all safe to eat."

And as for the liberals wanting to shut down America, weaken us and make us a second rate country, we all agreed that their plan is simple. And yes, it's working.

They want to shut down American Farms by regulating how they grow crops to the point of making the cost of growing enormous and non-profitable for the everyday Farmer. Ranches by way of a bogus argument that cattle destroy the land. Liberals conveniently forget that bovine in the shape or another either cattle or buffalo were in the millions in the West long before Americans came West.

Yes, we all agreed that the Environmentalist are the same crazies who want to close Dairies because of the cow manure. Imagine that! As if you can have milk without manure!

One friend said, "Heck, what used to be Dairies and crazing land is now more and more Grape Vineyards. But to the Liberal mind, people need a good Chardonnay wine more than they need milk and meat."

Another said, "And try finding things built in America anymore? It's harder and harder to find quality American goods because of all the regulations put on our Manufacturers."

"Do we even make anything anymore?" I asked.

"Not much!" a friend answered.

Then the subject finally got around to President Barack Hussein Obama. Someone asked if anyone heard about Obama throwing Israel to the wolves. Obama wants Israel to give up the lands that they got when they were invaded in 1967.

That's when the subject got around to those poor folks in Joplin Missouri and how many people were still unaccounted for. The lost, the destruction, the lack of Federal help afterwards. And by the way, why was Obama in an Irish Pub during the disaster in Joplin?

We all laughed agreeing that the Liberal News Media would have lynched George W Bush if he were in some Pub drinking while there's a disaster at home!

Someone brought up the fact that Obama increased the amount of Foreign Aid that we send to the Middle East when he first entered office. And someone else brought up how Obama is now trying to write off and forgive the huge debt that the oil rich countries in the Middle East still owe America - at a time when we need whatever money we have.

"Imagine that," one friend said. "He seems to care more about the folks in other countries and to Hell with the folks right at home!"

Then before we know it, one of the few die hard Liberals in town got up from the counter and loudly called us all, "Racists!"

He then went on to say, "You folks don't like him because he's Black! You're all Racist! And besides, all of our problems in this country are Bush's fault."

A stranger sitting behind me who must have been listening for a while leaned over from his booth and said, "No, they're not! I'm not! And he's not!"

"You're not and he's not what?" the old Liberal asked.

"These men are not Racists. They're just talking what's on their minds. We are still free to do that aren't we? Obama is not all Black. He's actually only half Black. But that doesn't matter. His skin color doesn't matter. It's his actions that matters. His skin color has no bearing on his lousy job performance. Besides, he's supposed to be representing all Americans and not just Black or Liberal Americans."

We just sort of looked at these two and let them go at it awhile. We didn't know the stranger sitting behind me. And as for the old Liberal, well we knew that he was the same guy that was trying to get the County to have more say in how we live by having the County "inspect" our properties as if we were in a Communist State where the State rules over the people. I think it's called Big Brother!

The old Liberal had had enough and stood up, saying, "You're all just Racists! His policies would be better received if he were White!"

"No it wouldn't!" the stranger answered. "Sir, my doctor is Black and he is the father of my son-in-law who is also Black. I love them both. I'm very proud of my son-in-law because he is an educated man who is a good husband to my daughter. I might not agree with all of their Conservative ways, but then again I'm pretty much a Moderate and not some Leftist Liberal Democrat."

The stranger went on, "I see my self as a JFK Democrat. Not Liberal at all. In fact even Conservative in some things like John F Kennedy was. The Democratic Party these days doesn't seem to want people in it if they are not ultra-Left Liberal types like yourself. But besides that, the point of the matter is that skin color has nothing to do with bad policies or taking our country in a direction that most people do not want to go."

"Quit hiding beind semantics and catch phrases like a being a JFK Democrat. Face the truth!" the old Liberal said. "You're all just like those angry racist whites in the Tea Party! Just all Conservative Racists!"

"I was a life long Democrat until Clinton was in Office." one of my friends said, "I didn't like McCain because I thought he was too Liberal and a Wimp. I didn't vote at all because I didn't like McCain and I couldn't vote for Obama because he had absolutely no experience other than being some sort of Community Organizer. Whatever the Hell that is!"

"The Liberals used to love to say that Bush was stupid, but being honest I don't think Obama is as bright as he was advertised to be," one friend said. "Geeeze, the man didn't even know how many States we have or how many stars are on our flag! What's that all about! And by the way, I've attended a Tea Party rally. Does that make me a Racist?"

"I am a Democrat." the stranger said. "I voted for Obama because I didn't like Bush and I thought Obama was what we needed. But now that Bush is gone, I'm learning that Bush wasn't all that bad. And what's worse is I've found out that Obama is not what we need. I made the mistake of letting the News Media, who loved to spred Bush hate, tell me how to think. I won't make that mistake again."

We listened to the stranger and then turned to look at the old Liberal. My one friend asked, "OK, what do you say to that?"

Another stranger who was sitting near by, pulled his chair out and asked, "Why is it that anyone who disagrees with Obama is called a Racist? When I was disagreeing with George W Bush, like say on his Border Policy, everyone called me a smart man. Now if I disagree with Obama's Border Policy, I'm a Racist! That stinks!"

"There are a lot of Americans getting killed and kidnapped along the Border, and he's not doing a thing to help the situation. I read that he doesn't want to rile the Mexican voters. So am I a Racist because I care about those folks on the Border and disagree with his policies? I don't think so. And by the way, I've been to a few Tea Party rallies. Another thing! At those Tea Party rallies, there isn't any of the hate that there used to be at the Bush protests when he was President. I worked in Sacramento and saw it for myself!"

"I would not call our peaceful protest of Bush hateful." the old Liberal said. "We were just exercising Free Speech ...."

"Sir, there were a lot of threats against Bush's life," the observer behind me interrupted. "I was working in San Francisco up until last month. I witnessed a lot of protests while Bush was in Office. A lot of crazies hated Bush for no reason. A lot of them wanted him dead, and they said so much in their signs."

"Try saying that now? Man, you'd have the Secret Service, FBI, and all sorts of law coming after you," one man said. "No one cared if someone wanted Bush dead when he was in Office."

"I'm sorry, but as much as you want it to be that way, it is not a matter of color or race," the stranger standing behind me said looking directly at the old Liberal.

"It's all about bad policies, pandering to special interest groups, raising over a billion dollars in Campaign Contributions from unknown and foreign sources, his ineptness when dealing with other nations. Then there is that little thing about him trying to turn America into a Socialist State by having the government takeover our Medical System. It's nothing to do with his color."

"Any regrets?" I asked.

"Sure! I know I helped put him into Office by voting for him, but I also know that I will not make the same mistake twice."

The old Liberal turned and walked out as angry as they come, and the observer turned around and went back to reading his paper.

We looked at each other and smiled. Then one of guys signaled for more coffee.

Story by Tom Correa

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