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Legal Immigrants vs Illegal Aliens

When it comes to what's Legal verses what's Illegal, it appears that Liberals have a major problem understanding the difference.

So allow me to help!

Drugs that are sold over the counter (OTC) are legal. Prescription Medications which some are now calling Prescription Drugs are also legal. 

But as most know all "Street Drugs" like Meth, Crank, Cocaine, Heroin, and yes Marijuana are illegal.

Buying guns from a licensed Gun Dealer is legal. Buying a gun from a Private Citizen is legal. But buying guns from a Felon is illegal, as so is buying a gun from a Private Citizen if the guns are stolen.
Buying a car is legal. Stealing a car is illegal. Answering a Government Survey about your Race is legal. Race discrimination is illegal. And it doesn't matter if you are Black, White, Yellow or Brown, discrimination based on your race is illegal. 

Race Discrimination can happen to anyone of any race, and not just Blacks, Negros, or Colored People.

And by the way, I use the term Negro the same way that Rev Martin Luther King, Jr.,used the word Negro to describe himself and his race in his "I Have a Dream Speech" speech. 

I use the term "Colored People" in the exact same way that that term is still being used today by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) which is a civil rights organization that helps liberal Back people in America.

The word "discriminate" is not a bad word.  People discriminate all the time about all sorts of things. It is the cognitive and sensory capacity or ability to see fine distinctions and perceive differences between objects, subjects, concepts, and patterns.

It is our ability to possess an exceptional development of our senses. We discriminate using our senses of perception. 

What's that? We use our senses to perceive things. And yes, we have a multitude of senses.

In addition to our five senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, we also have other senses which include that of our ability to discern temperature, keep our balance, feel pain, acceleration, and of course reason. 

It is our ability to reason that enables our sense of right and wrong, and good and bad, to function. We discriminate when we recognize a distinction and differentiate.

We know that stopping at a Red Light is adhering to Traffic Laws, and knowing that is what the law demands - we obey. Our stopping is a legal action, but we also know it's also smart to do so.

We discriminate and recognize a clear distinction between stopping and running a Red Light. We use our powers to reason what good for us, and we know that one action is smart while the other isn't. 

It's the same as knowing the difference between inviting someone into your home versus someone breaking  into a home. One is illegal and not right. One is not right while the other is wrong.  And yes, if you know that you may be met with a shotgun - than one is smart and the other isn't.

These are just a few examples, but basically one can see that there are differences in what's legal verses what's illegal in our country. After all, legal versus illegal is really not that hard to understand.

It is purely a matter of legal versus illegal when it comes to Illegal Aliens crossing America's Southern Border to enter our home?  It's also a matter of right and wrong when when liberals want to allow people to break into our home and then say it's OK once they're in?

And who's breaking the law? Yes, Illegal Aliens are. But they are not alone! There are others who are also breaking the law in not doing their jobs by enforcing the laws and protecting American citizens.

We know it's illegal to rob a Bank. But isn't it also illegal for a Police Officer to turn his back and do nothing while a Bank is being robbed? 

And how about the Police Chief who orders his Officers to let those Bank Robbers go free?  And how about a Mayor who knows that laws are being broken but decides on his own to disregard the law and allows the criminals who robbed that bank go free.

The Mayor is at fault because he is not doing what he has been elected to do. The Police Chief is at fault because he's usurping the law for his own reasons. The Police Officer is at fault because he's derelict in his duties.

It is not Race Discrimination to want Illegal Aliens to stay in there own country. They are breaking the law and harming American lives and property. 

President Obama just laid out his plan for what he calls "Immigration Reform." I hate to have to correct the President of the United States, but the facts are the facts and people coming into our country illegally are not "Immigrants."

Why? Well we have an Immigration Process for those want to want to become American Citizens. They are not breaking the law, instead they are doing what is legal. On the other hand Illegal Aliens are Law Breakers.

They are Criminals.

Obama said that "immigrants are the way to expand the middle class, make America more competitive on a global level."  He went on to say, "Immigration reform is an economic imperative, which it is considering illegal immigration costs Arizona and California over $12 billion per year." 

That's fine, I agree. There's nothing wrong at all with people migrating to this country legally. The key word is "Legally."

"Immigration Reform" does not deal with the criminal problem of Illegal Aliens.  To me, "Immigration Reform" means reforming our nation's immigration process and policies.  That has nothing to do with addressing what's legal versus what is plainly illegal.  

Being here illegally is a "Criminal Justice" problem, not an "Immigration" problem. Obama fails to distinguish the difference between Legal and Illegal.

My great-grandparents, and one of my grandfathers, were all Legal Immigrants.

I've worked with many people who were both Legal Immigrants and Illegal Aliens. Many, if not all, are great friends still to this day.

Most of the ones who were illegally here have either gone through the process or gone home if they couldn't get though it. I've known Legal Immigrants who came here to become American citizens from Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and yes Mexico.

And yes, I've known Illegal Aliens who did not want to become Americans.

I know some really wonderful families. Just try going to California Farms, Ranches, Dairies, and Wineries, and not knowing a few Illegals. It's just about impossible.

They are here. Working hard, and in fact paying taxes like you and me. In many cases they are scared of going through the process. Many think they will automatically be deported. It's a shame really, because some are great people. Part of the shame of it all is that the good folks who come here illegally suffer in many ways. 
Mostly they suffer because of the bad ones, the criminal element. The problem is with the Drug Runners, the Gang members, the Human Traffickers, and those just here to take advantage of our weak Law Enforcement response to their criminal behavior.

The problems with Illegal Aliens are pretty simple really.

First off, they are here illegally and have broken our laws while thousands upon thousands have to wait while they go through the real Immigration Process. That in itself is not fair.

My suggestion to fix the first problem is to fix it by changing the Laws to reflect a need for a common sense approach to the problem of this hidden society of Illegals. Fix the Immigration Laws to allow people to be here to work, and then allow them to either go home or establish a probationary period of say 5 years so that they can good record for themselves.

Once it has been established that they have been good candidates for citizenship, then have some sort of program in place to enable them to join us as good American.

Regarding the second problem with Illegal Aliens. Well, by going around the Immigration Screening Process, Illegal Aliens bring problems.

Just check the number of murders, robberies, home invasions, acts of vehicular manslaughter, and kidnappings committed by Illegal Aliens each year.

Those committing those crimes aren't "Immigrants" looking for a good life in a new land. Most have no desire to even want to assimilate into American Society,  or even want to become Americans.

Lesser Offenders can be deported, no matter how many times they try coming here. And in the case of Violent Offenders such as in Capital Crimes, then have them face the death penalty just as they would where they came from if found guilty.  

And please don't think it's just Mexico, because it isn't. Mexico is the biggest offender of exporting their people to America, that's just a fact. 

Obama lied when he declared the border fence as "basically complete." And in addition to that, Obama claimed his administration had done everything that was asked to secure the southern border with Mexico and that his opposition should avoid playing politics with the issue.

"Done everything that was asked"? Who's he kidding!

May 10th was Obama's first time ever visit to the U.S.-Mexico border since becoming President. And yes, that's despite being asked numerous time by local officials and the Governors of the border States over the last two and half years.

Friends, Obama is breaking the law by not fulfilling the duties of the Office of the President as described in the U.S. Constitution.

He is not protecting or defending that United States as he was elected to do. 

His Justice Department and Homeland Security Department have ordered the Border Patrol and other Federal Law Enforcement on the border to stand down - and not arrest those crossing illegally.

Reports by local Law Enforcement states that even Drug Runners are not being stopped along the U.S.-Mexico Border.

This is unacceptable. 

The actions taken by the Justice Department and Homeland Security is illegal in the exact same way as if they were watching a bank being robbed, or a drug deal taking place, or a murder being committed, and they didn't do anything about it. 

And contrary to what U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder tries to depict it, it's not a case of Race Discrimination.  It is a case of Legal Immigrant versus Illegal Aliens.

But more importantly, it's about protecting Americans.

The Obama White House is currently on a Victory Tour for killing Obama, and that's fine. But there is work to be done for Americans. 

Besides the worse Economy since the Carter Administration, we are mounting a horrible casualty list of Victim of Illegal Aliens. 

Why you ask, well friends it's because President Obama who is the Chief Executive of our Federal Government is doing such a horrible job of protecting Americans.

We have a responsibility to ensure for the public welfare and defend Americans. We cannot let those who have already died, go unnoticed without action being taken on their behalf.

Story by Tom Correa

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