Monday, June 23, 2014

Mexican Incursions Across the Border

Back on March 9th of 1916, General Francisco "Pancho" Villa ordered 500 to 600 troops of the Mexican Revolutionary Army of to cross the border and attack Columbus, New Mexico.

At 1:00 am, between 500 and 600 Mexican revolutionaries, led by Pancho Villa, crossed the border into the United States.

Immediately Villa divided his troops and attacked Columbus from the southwest at approximately 4:20 am.

In the middle of the night, life in Columbus changed dramatically. This attack caught the entire town, as well as the U.S. Army by surprise.

There are all sorts of speculations as to why Pancho Villa conducted the raid. Most believe, from a military standpoint, that Villa carried out the raid because he needed more military equipment and supplies in order to continue his fight south of the border.

They attacked a detachment of the U.S. Army 13th Cavalry Regiment, burned the town and seized 100 horses and mules, as well as other military supplies. The gunfire and burning buildings forced many Columbus residents to flee into the desert, or seek refuge in the school house, the Hoover Hotel, or private homes.
The raiding Mexican Army did not expect the response they received from the U.S. Army. But yes, American soldiers awakened by the commotion quickly set up a Benet-Mercier machine gun in front of the Hoover Hotel and produced a murderous rain of fire on the Mexicans. Another machine gun was set up on East Boundary Street fired north and caught anyone in the intersection of Broadway and East Boundary in a deadly crossfire.

The incursion lasted until dawn, approximately two hours. The death toll totaled 70 to 75 Villistas, and eighteen Americans dead. Mostly it was American civilians who were killed.

In response to Pancho Villa's raid on Columbus, New Mexico, President Wilson sent 5,000 men of the U.S. Army under General John Pershing into Mexico to capture Villa. Our troops employed aircraft and trucks for the first time in US Army history, General "Black Jack" Pershing's force chased Villa.

And yes, while American troops were looking for Villa in Mexico, other attacks upon Americans in the United States from Mexican revolutionaries took place:

On May 15th 1916, an attack took place on Glenn Springs, Texas, killing a civilian and wounding three American soldiers.

On June 15th 1916, an attack from across the border killed four American soldiers and wounded 5 others at San Ygnacio, Texas.

On July 31st 1916, another attack from across the border killed one American soldier and a U.S. customs inspector at Fort Hancock Texas. The dead American soldier was from the 8th US Cavalry and the Customs Inspector was Robert Wood.

President Wilson was so afraid of a war with Mexico that he had imposed too many restrictions on General Pershing, this made it impossible for the General to fulfill his mission.

Take for example, the last engagement of the Mexican Expedition which was fought on June 21st when American forces were defeated by Carrancista soldiers at the Battle of Carrizal.

Captain Charles T. Boyd and ten of his men were killed with 10 wounded while 23 soldiers and 1 civilian interpreter were taken prisoner  -- they were later released to the United States.

Although the Mexican commander, General Félix Uresti Gómez was killed in the action, when General Pershing learned of the battle he was furious and asked for permission to attack the Carrancista garrison of Chihuahua.

President Wilson refused worried that it would lead to war. Of course it never dawned on Wilson that we were already at war. And because of the political restraints placed on it, all in all the search for Villa was not totally unsuccessful.

Some of Villa's senior commanders, Colonel Candelario Cervantes, General Francisco Beltrán, Beltrán's son and Villa's second-in-command Julio Cárdenas, along with a couple of hundred Mexican revolutionaries and bandits were killed during the expedition.
The expedition only lasted until February 1917.

Fast Forward 100 years!

So now, almost 100 years later, President Obama refuses to secure the border. Many believe, that like Wilson, something huge has to take place before Obama gets off his backside and secures the border.

How huge? Who knows. Do we need another attack on an American town?

Friends, that's already taking place all along the border!

There have been more than 500 armed Mexican military and law enforcement personnel crossed the U.S. border without permission over the past 10 years -- 300 in the last 4 years alone.
This is now coming to light and raising questions since a U.S. Marine remains jailed in Mexico for a similar offense.

The startling figures were provided by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, in a letter to Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif.

CBP Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske reported that roughly 525 armed Mexican soldiers and police jumped the border since 2004, in 152 separate incidents. "Foreign military incursions are infrequent but can involve officer safety and other concerns," he wrote.

Representative Duncan Hunter used the stats to underscore his concerns about Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who has been jailed in Mexico for nearly three months after inadvertently crossing into Mexico with firearms in his vehicle.

"In Andrew's case, Mexico has shown its intolerance for the same action that its police and military initiated hundreds of times in the last several years alone," Hunter, who has been petitioning for Tahmooressi's release, said in a statement. "It's time for the U.S. to reconsider its treatment of the incidents and send a direct message to Mexico that incursions won't be tolerated along the international border."

According to CBP, some of the Mexican personnel who improperly crossed the border were detained, though it's unclear for how long. The agency reported that 131 subjects were detained.

There is a distinction between the circumstances of Tahmooressi's detention and the detention of the dozens of Mexican personnel. While Tahmooressi was not on duty when he crossed, CBP suggests the Mexican military and law enforcement who cross over typically are pursuing suspects or otherwise trying to enforce their own laws.

When encounters with unarmed Mexican personnel are included, the number of total crossings is considerably larger -- according to the agency, a total of 300 border incursions were documented since 2004.

"There is a clear lack of consistency among DHS in handling these incidents, especially in cases of unauthorized incursions with armed authorities," Hunter said.

The details from Kerlikowske follow congressional concerns voiced earlier this year by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla. In a January letter, Coburn revealed an incident where individuals in Mexican military uniforms apparently drew their guns on a U.S. border agent after crossing the border into Arizona.

Kerlikowske appeared to acknowledge this incident in his letter to Hunter, saying that two soldiers from the Mexican military walked across the U.S. border near Sasabe, Arizona. There they ran into U.S. Border Patrol agents about 50 yards north of the border.

It's true, two armed Mexican soldiers crossed into the Arizona and drew their guns during a concerning stand off with Border Patrol agents back in January, the Mexican government and U.S. officials have confirmed.

The confrontation ended only after the Mexican soldiers retreated back to Mexico, when Border Patrol drew their weapons and called for backup. They misidentifying themselves to Border Patrol, then a 35 minute armed confrontation took place. Thankfully no shots were fired.

According to the report, U.S. officials are characterizing the standoff as one of the most serious border incursions in years.

There is a point to be made here, these incursions involving Mexican military and police personnel involves confrontations with American law enforcement. But how about when the incursions are no met with armed American law enforcement officers who can call for back-up?

American ranchers and farmers, homeowners and business all complain about living in fear of Mexican traffickers smuggling drugs and Illegal aliens.

From ranchers and farmers who worry about Illegals crossing their land, to homeowners and business who see a rise in crime from Mexicans coming across the border illegally -- those Americans are in fear of losing their lives. Yes, their safety and that of their families don't seem to matter to the Liberals who occupy the White House and see no problem with American citizens getting robbed, beaten, raped, or killed.

As a citizen of the United States, we are all taught that this is supposed to be sovereign soil -- but right now it's a no man's land along the border where ranchers and farmers are having to protect themselves and their families and not expect help from law enforcement.

One report had a farmer saying that he was advised by a Federal law enforcement agent to buy a bulletproof vest to use while working in his fields. He was told by Federal authorities that they cannot protect him or his family. He was told that whenever he goes out to survey his agricultural operations, he should always tell someone where he's going so that they can retrieve his body later in case he doesn't return.

The part that's so aggravating is that all Americans know real well that one of the basic duties of the Federal government is to protect the people of this nation -- and to secure the border, yet the Federal government under President Obama refuses to do that.

While the Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Security have said the U.S.-Mexican border is safer than ever and that reports of violence on the American side are wildly exaggerated, no one believes them because of all of the lies and dishonesty coming out of the Obama White House as well as Federal agencies.

Yes, the IRS, Homeland Security, the EPA, the Department of Justice scandals have had an effect on the credinility of the United States government -- most Americans see them as corrupt, dishonest, untrustworthy, and criminal in their actions.

And yes, the dishonesty of the Obama Administration is apparent because the facts of what is taking place do not agree with the Obama Administration fantasy of everything being more secure.

Everything that I have read points to the border being worse than it's ever been. And to make it worse, the Federal Government if Americans move because they feel threatened.

A report from 2011 by the Texas commissioner of agriculture said cross-border violence was escalating. "Fear and anxiety levels among Texas farmers and ranchers have grown enormously during the past two years," the report said, adding that some "have even abandoned their livelihoods to move their families to safer ground."

Retired U.S. Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey, who served as the U.S. drug czar during the Clinton administration was a co-author of the report.

During an interview, McCaffrey said that while major cities along the Texas border are "pretty safe," the rural areas between towns are "largely unprotected, and across those areas the Mexican cartels are conducting massive movements of illegal drugs and other criminal activity."

That was in 2011, today it is only worse -- and now law enforcement is seeing more aggressive efforts such as using military weaponry by Mexican traffickers on this side of the border.

It's effect on Americans on this side of the border are the same as Mexicans on the other side of the border. People are scared and feel completely at the mercy of the criminal element. The cartels and the violence they bring has intimidated U.S. citizen who don't believe they're safe on their own land, in their own homes, or running a business, in their own country.

In 2011, it was reported that Veterinarian and rancher Mike Vickers heads the Texas Border Volunteers, a group of about 300 landowners and supporters who work closely with law enforcement officials to track drug and immigrant smugglers entering the U.S. from Mexico and crossing private land. His primary concern, he said, is the safety of farmers and ranchers who have been confronted by armed traffickers.

"A lot of them have been threatened not to call the Border Patrol or law enforcement if they see smuggling going on their property, otherwise they'll be killed or their family members may be killed," he said.

That was in 2011, and it has only gotten worse. According to information from the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, automatic rifles, grenades, and .50-caliber weapons were used by battling Mexican drug factions early one morning in January 2014 in the Mexican border town of Agua Prieta, just south of Douglas, Arizona.

Reports indicate between eight and 13 individuals were killed during the battle -- all proof that violence in the United States from Mexico continues to creep northward. But perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the battle in Agua Prieta, Arizona, is the unwillingness of local law enforcement to become involved at all.

It was reported that during the gun battle, both law enforcement and medical first responders refused to go into the area. The reason: law enforcement might have been outnumbered and that the violence was too intense even for trained law enforcement professionals.

As one report put it, this is not a police problem -- it is an invasion. The solution is something millions of Americans support, but is something that Obama and the Federal government refuses to do -- secure the border with whatever it takes.

As for Pancho Villa? While he respected Woodrow Wilson because of his use of American troops, I think he would have loved the weakling we now have in the White House.

Obama would rather play golf, do fund raisers, and criticize the American people and our lack of tolerance, than defend the United States or our people.

Yes, Pancho Villa would have thought Obama a real incompetent coward -- afraid to even protect his own people.

And yes, that's just that way I see it.
Tom Correa

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