Thursday, June 26, 2014

Who's Excusing The VA In The VA Scandal?

Ever wonder who's protecting those responsible for the deaths of Veterans?

Ever wonder who's protecting the VA in the VA scandal?

Ever wonder why no one in the VA has been fired or gone to jail yet for the VA Scandal that has cost the lives of Veterans?

Ever wonder why the mainstream Liberal media on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and its surrogate MSNBC has not put the death of Veterans to the front of the line when it comes to News Stories?

Have you ever wondered why those Networks would spend hours on bashing Republicans yet only an average of less than a minute talking about the VA Scandal and what it has cost Veteran's in terms of lives lost?

How has the major broadcast networks helped Obama?

Well, coverage of the Veterans Affairs waiting list scandal has been virtually nonexistent.

Despite the continuously unfolding developments on the scandal, the major news networks of ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN have devoted barely two minutes a week to the VA Scandal.

Altogether the morning and evening shows had a combined 46 hours of air time from
Monday through Friday morning, yet they offered up a mere 2 minutes and 16 seconds of coverage.

And yes, in the first week of June, not a single VA story of more than 30 seconds in length.

Have you wondered why Fox News is the only source to go to for FULL coverage of what is going on with the VA -- and their suspicious treatment of Vets?

Well, it could be because Fox News is hated in Hollywood and the others are Hollywood supporters. And yes, there are other reasons.

What does that have to do with the VA Scandal?

Frankly, it goes against the best interest of the major network to report things like the following:

Vets say VA’s care of veterans impeded by filming of TV Series

The filming of a TV series that took over the entire second floor of a Los Angeles VA center and conferences attended by VA health care providers — which included topics on how to plan a party — which meant putting the needs of Veterans aside to cater to the Liberals from Hollywood.

All of what took place, with the OK from the VA director at the LA facility, contributed to the delay of care for veterans, according to interviews with VA staffers and veterans.

Dr. Roy Marokus, who currently serves in private practice, told the Free Beacon that veterans were denied care because of a mandatory conference he attended last March.

Marokus said veterans’ appointments were cancelled so VA medical providers could attend the two-day conference.

Medical providers at the VA Medical Center in Oklahoma City, where Marokus briefly worked, and providers at all other VA medical centers in the Veterans Integrated Services Network, attended the conference.

A review of the paperwork handed out during the conference showed topics included advice on how to plan a party and asked the medical staff to explore, “What Color is Your Personality?”

Yes, this is how the VA takes Vet Care serious -- by pushing back appointments to film a TV show and attend a conference on party planning.

“Veterans waiting for appointments got pushed back for two days,” Marokus said.

“In human costs, you have all these veterans. Why was that conference needed? … Many veterans had their treatments delayed for two days while their healthcare providers determined ‘what color’ their personalities were.”

So no, I only have one question:


Answer: Government Employee Unions and Liberal Politicians are allowing this to take place by protecting those responsible for this.

And yes, to protect ObamaCare -- which make the VA government run health care look small in comparison.

Government Unions and Liberal Politicians are at the heart of why Veterans are dead.

Besides dead and waiting Veterans, Government Unions and Liberal Politicians are in favor of a gigantic government complex which control all of our lives.

Liberal Politicians are forcing Americans into accepting ObamaCare, and it's the enormous cost of ObamaCare that's responsible for our nation's economy having shrunk the lowest in 58 years.

They want to dismiss the VA Scandal because they know damn well that the VA is just a smaller version of ObamaCare.

And yes, they know that right now the American people are getting a glimpse at the corruption and poor quality care that will come with such a huge system such as ObamaCare.

All of their assurances aren't worth the air they expend to voice them -- because Americans are not as dumb as Liberals think we are.

Americans are taking note of the fact that the major broadcast networks are working for Obama and the Democrat Party, and that Hollywood is able to delay the care of Veterans at a major VA Facility in a heavily populated area like Los Angeles.

And if you ask me why they do it?

That's simple. They feel that there's nothing to stop them because we don't speak out against this!

Yes, that's just how I see it.

Tom Correa

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