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Let's Talk About Guns -- February 7th, 2016

I've received a lot of email asking me why I haven't talked about guns and gun issues lately? You make a great point because I haven't written anything about guns and issues pertaining to guns in a while.

I could make excuses and say that I've been strapped for time because I've been so occupied with researching more Old West history, Conservative politics, the shame that's the Obama White House, the horrible way my little nephew was treated at Shaffer Union Elementary in Litchfield and the subsequent information that I've been receiving from other parents who have experienced the same problems there.

I could tell you that I'm researching more and more about what goes on in that little town in California and what I'm finding out really stinks. That school has huge problems.

As for an article on guns, our 2nd Amendment Rights, and our ability to protect ourselves? Friends, there has been a lot of goings on when it comes to guns lately -- say within the last couple of months.

So here you go, in December of last year, we saw Virginia revoke its state CCW Handgun Permit agreement with 25 states. And yes, that's a big deal. 

It was reported on December 22nd, that concealed handgun permits held by residents of 25 states will no longer be valid in Virginia. That came from that state's Attorney General.

Democrats in charge of Virginia are trying their best to disarm Virginians. Virginia's state Attorney General Mark Herring, a Democrat, said the state would revoke its reciprocity agreement with the states because their concealed weapon laws don't meet Virginia's standards.

One report tried to say that those states hand out permits to people who are barred under the Virginia law, such as fugitives from the law, and other felons such as convicted stalkers and drug dealers. And frankly, that all sounds like just so much bullshit.

Is Herring really saying that other states "legally" arm fugitives, stalkers, and felons? If so, please produce evidence that that is really taking place elsewhere so that the fugitives can be brought to justice, and other felons are located. Fact is, most all states make it a felony to lie on a gun registration form nevertheless a Concealed Carry Permit form. So to say that there are states that hand out permits to persons that are not eligible to have permits is a lie. If it isn't and I'm wrong, then someone should please show me the states that seriously allow a felon to carry legally.

Personally, I think Virginia's argument that other states "undermines the state's law and puts residents at risk" is just political nonsense by Democrats to find some way to band guns and make people defenseless. The political move to end reciprocity means that Virginians will no longer be able to use their concealed handgun permits in six states that require a mutual reciprocity agreement: Florida, Louisiana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Wyoming.

Anti-Gun Politicians like Herring are a dime a dozen these days. They all scream that guns are endangering lives, yet at the same time these Democrats are trying to decriminalize felonies just as they are doing in California. Yes, that's their idea of reducing crime -- just say it's not a crime anymore.

States were notified about the change, which went into effect on February 1st. The states whose permits Virginia will no longer recognize are: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Virginia's handgun permit agreements will remain with West Virginia, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.

Of course, besides how this effects concealed carry permit holders from other states, let me repeat that this effects Virginians with concealed carry permits in that with Herring rescinding the state's arrangements with the 25 states targeted states, Virginia’s carry permits are recognized in only six states instead of 31. That my friends, renders the permits of Virginians essentially useless for thousands who live near Virginia’s borders and commute into other states for work or recreation.

Of course what this is doing is putting Liberal anti-gun politics above public safety. But frankly, that's not really surprising that Democrats would do that is it?

While this is going on in Virginia, things are different in Florida and around the country. 

Following an incident where a home invasion suspect was shot earlier in January in Florida, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said, "If you are foolish enough to break into someone’s home, you can expect to be shot in Polk County."

Similar to the belief of most County Sheriff's in the United States following the Muslim massacre in San Bernardino, California, Polk County Sheriff Judd believes guns allow citizens to defend themselves when police cannot. And yes, in his county, he wants criminals to know that citizens in his county will defend themselves.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig has spent the past two years pushing for citizens in his city to arm themselves for self-defense, and Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpario led the charge for citizens in Arizona to carry guns more frequently following the a number of high profile shootings across the country in 2015.

Following the December 2nd, Muslim Terrorist Attack in San Bernardino, California, Sheriff Arpiao stated that armed citizens can take out the bad guys "before the cops arrive."

In addition to Detroit Police Chief James Craig, Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpario, and Polk County Florida, County Sheriff Grady Judd, other law enforcement professionals such as Hughes Springs Police Chief Randy Kennedy (TX), Steuben County Sheriff David Cole (NY,), Boone County Sheriff Michael A. Helmig (KY), Ulster County Sheriff Paul J. Van Blarcum (NY), Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey (FL), and others, have all urged residents with concealed carry permits to carry guns daily to fight crime and terrorism.

Are Americans listening? Well January 2016 Gun Sales set a record for the 9th month in row. 

Just the other day, February 3rd, it was reported that more than 2.5 million gun background checks were performed in January. That is a record for the month according to FBI statistics.

The number was lower than the 3.3 million all-time record set in December, but the most for the month of January in any year since the checks began in late 1998. The number also represented a monthly record for the ninth month in a row and the third month in a row with more than 2 million checks.

In some instances, one background check can cover the purchase of more than one gun, and some a a Sheriff's required background check to obtain a concealed carry permit.

I love it when the media says, "Multiple reasons have been theorized for the rise in Background Checks, including fears that President Barack Obama plans executive actions to make it harder to obtain them."

Frankly, there is a real fear in America that Obama will do something illegal through an edict to disarm Americans. This and the issue of the good possibility that some of the 300,000 Muslim refugees being brought to America are terrorists, and knowing that Democrat Hillary Clinton also supports more restrictions on gun Rights, and Virginia lawmakers' move to end handgun permit reciprocity agreements with other states, is it really a surprise that Americans believe they have to protect themselves?

The Washington Free Beacon notes Second Amendment Foundation founder Alan Gottlieb, who said, "Add to this the fact that scores of sheriffs and police chiefs have encouraged citizens to arm themselves. Suddenly, gun ownership sounds like a very good idea to people concerned about personal safety."

To go along with buying more guns and getting concealed carry permits, more Americans are taking classes to learn how to use guns and survive shootings.

It's true, a recent report out says that more and more Americans are taking classes to learn how to use guns more proficiently and how to react to and survive shootings sitiuations.

Awareness basics such as studying your surroundings, observing exits and escape routes, and the use of a firearm in a shooting or having to improvise and create makeshift weapons are all parts of classes being taught around the country.

Public demand increased dramatically after the Muslim Terrorist attack in December that killed 14 in San Bernardino -- subsequently, around the country these days many police and sheriff's departments are offering "Awareness Training."

Born out of sense of necessity with the public now aware that active shooter situations just keep on taking place, several sheriff's departments are providing training based on the CRASE curriculum: Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events.

CRASE teaches an approach dubbed ADD: "Avoid" the situation by getting out, "Deny" by barricading inside a room, and as a last resort, "Defend" by fighting back -- also known as "Run, Hide, Fight"

People today understand that such threats are real and could happen in their own communities, and now people want to know how to avoid becoming victims. And while classes like these teach that one's last resort is to fight, from using a chair to a pair of scissors to using a gun, many Americans want to know how to fight back.

Using guns to protect one's self and others in schools! 

Some Oklahoma schools display signs warning staffers could be armed.

The town of Okay, Oklahoma, is roughly 9 miles north of Muskogee, and 50 miles southeast of Tulsa. Two days ago, February 5th, officials at the Oklahoma school district there said they wanted to send a clear warning that they are ready to protect against potential attacks.

They did so by arming their staff and putting up signs alerting that staff members could be carrying guns. The signs were erected at public schools in Okay, according to the Muskogee Phoenix.

The town's police department was reportedly disbanded in 2014, and even though sheriff's deputies are available, with response time being what it is, Superintendent Charles McMahan says that may not be enough. "We don't want to be a soft target," he told the newspaper.

One sign reads, "ATTENTION: Please be aware that certain staff members at Okay Public Schools can be legally armed and may use whatever force is necessary to protect our students."

Under the policy approved in August for Okay, employees who wish to carry firearms must receive training and Board of Education approval. The principal of Okay High School, Mark Hayes, reportedly pushed for the new gun policy. "There have been numerous shootings in the country, and we want to keep our students safe," he told the Phoenix. "These are our kids."

To me, it is apparent that Mr. McMahan and Mr. Hayes understand the seriousness of the threat today and are taking all possible counter-measures to stop a shooting from taking place there.

It is great to see that educators understands that a gun is a tool. It can be used by bad people to do bad things. It can also be used by good people to do good things. In this case, the guns in the possession of the staff there are there to be used to protect and not harm. And that, that's a good thing.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.
Tom Correa


  1. I don't know about you but I get very agitated when somebody keeps asking me, "Why do you believe in arming most of the teachers"? And I say, "Because had they been armed, none of the school shootings that we just had would have ever happened". If the teacher had a gun, the shooter would be dead before they even got to any more of the classes. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't believe in arming ALL the teachers. I only believe in arming SOME of the teachers. Because there are some teachers out there that don't deserve to carry a gun. But whatever stops the shooter from taking anymore lives is greatly needed. Anything to help these poor kids will be deeply appreciated. Arm the staff if you want to but remember. You are doing so at your own risk. I rest my case.


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