Monday, February 22, 2016

Media and Republican Debates, Shameful

By Terry McGahey

After the last debate, and now with Donald Trump winning South Carolina, is it just me who feels that the Republican debates have been turned into a circus by the media and their so called moderators?

I don't know about you but when I watch the debates I expect to hear an honest discussion over the candidates policies, not the arguments over what he said or she said.

Ever since the very first debate and each one since, these debates have been more about character assassination than true substance of the issues that lay ahead for the next president of our country.

It's almost as though the media, including Fox, is trying to disrupt the Republican debates in order to have another Democrat voted into office. If that is not their intention then they are either blind, just plain stupid, or so biased that they should be banned from holding these debates.

Again, I don't know about you, but I would rather see the average American people asking these candidates the hard questions about their policies instead of the media promoting the circus which resembles the phony world of professional wrestling more so than the seriousness of electing our next president.

In reality, we only have three candidates in the Republican party who actually have a chance at winning the nomination, Trump, Cruz, and Rubio, in that order at this time. It is time that the RINOs like Bush step out because all they are doing is promoting more of the dissension which the media seems to be thriving upon.

It seems to me that the reason these other candidates are hanging in there, even though they don't stand a chance, is to attack Trump because the establishment of good old boy's within the GOP can't control the man, and they are afraid of a non-establishment president who will not follow their own policies of hypocrisy.

Yes, I am for Trump, and the reason being is simple. I am sick and tired of professional politicians who promise the world but yet deliver nothing but token policies which have done nothing to bring better paying jobs back to this country, as well as allowing our Constitution to be slowly eroded over these past many years. And do not fool yourself, both sides of the isle have been allowing this to happen.

The only difference is that the Democrat progressives have made it happen in a more aggressive manner while the RINO Republicans have done little more than stand back and watch it take place. Enough is enough!

No matter the outcome we the people are just as much to blame as the media when it comes to the debates and nomination process. On Facebook as well as other outlets, I notice that people who do stand on the side of the Republican isle are also calling the candidates whom they do not support names and other horrible things.

It's time to stop the name calling because someone changed their opinion on a certain subject or policy over the years, human nature is to grow, and each and every one of us has changed our outlook on a certain subject at one time or another during our lifetime as well.

No matter if you agree with me or not that is your right, but please understand this. No matter who wins the Republican nomination, be it Trump, Cruz, or Rubio, we will have no choice but to vote for that person if we want to keep the self proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders, or the proven lying, cheating, elitist, Hillary Clinton, out of the White House.

With that in mind lets look at some of the positive sides of the top three candidates instead of only the negative sides. So yes, by all means stand by your candidate, but remember this, we may have to vote for one of the others before this is over.

I don't know about you, but that's the way I see it.
Terry McGahey


  1. Terry McGahey, You nailed it in my opinion.

  2. You don't even wanna know who I'D root for. Oh wait, yeah you do, Nobody.


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