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The United Kingdom Is Free Once Again

God Bless The United Kingdom!
They Have Their Freedom Back!

For years many of my readers in Europe have complained that the European Union has become completely void of any sort of scrutiny or democratic rule. Yes, many have wanted accountability from the completely undemocratic EU which has too many powers and a seemingly endless amount of Socialist desires.

Well now British subjects (citizens) have had enough with foreign oppression from Brussels! The British have overwhelmingly voted to leave the European Union federation of member nations.

From what I remember, back in the 1970s when the European Union was talked about, it was supposed to be an "economic alliance" to rival the United States economic might. It was supposed to be an "economic alliance" that would rival America by using Free Market Capitalism and less government restrictions. 

That is not what the European Union did! It actually strayed far afield from the initial concept. And yes, the problem was it's Socialist societal demands that it made on its members. Yes, mainly Socialist, Political Correct, self-serving demands.

And friends, a number of people on television are talking about the economic impact of the Great Britain's vote to leave the European Union, but no one is talking about how Great Britain, also known as the United Kingdom, was being oppressed by the European Union (EU).

EU legislation and anti-British policies?

Yes, laws were being made in the EU Capital of Brussels, Belgium, and were being pushed on British subjects. Many of those law were in complete defiance of the laws of Great Britain. And no, that did not stop the EU "leadership," an un-elected body, to legislate and make as many laws as they wanted.

It was so bad that 60% of all laws with the British people were living under did not come from their government -- but from the European Union's Socialist leadership in Brussels. Belgium.

Yes, I have stated Brussels, Belgium, a few times for a reason. The EU established their headquarters there, and the leadership which has been passing laws is not representatives of the British people. The EU leadership is an un-elected body making laws that supersede the laws of their member nations.

Friends, this would be the exact same thing if we were to allow the United Nations members nations legislate the laws of the United States.

This is about British Sovereignty!

Yes, the United Kingdom lost it's sovereignty as an independent nation because it joined into an "economic alliance" with an organization which was never supposed to be writing laws for peoples of different nations. And yes, demand that they do or be threatened with sanctions and other penalties.
Among the oppressive EU demands is the limiting of the British working class to prosper. What the EU did to the working class in the United Kingdom is make the minimum wage the maximum wage in many sectors. 

And from what I've read, it is a fact that even the British Government's own statistics, as well as that from labor unions, show that the EU has intentional kept down wages for the working classes in the United Kingdom. And frankly, that doesn't surprise me since one of the tactics of Socialists is to milk all of the money they can get off of a great economic powers and bring them to their knees. 

The EU tried to bring down the United Kingdom which is still a great economic power. I believe the economy of the United Kingdom is ranked 5th in the world. And with that, despite the shitty attitudes of the EU spokesmen in Brussels, the EU knows that it is definitely the loser with Great Britain pulling out of the federation. 

Of the main concerns, as a result of the EU superseding the United Kingdom's sovereignty, the EU has been forcing uncontrolled Muslim immigration into the United Kingdom and other member nations even if that nation did not want them. The EU sponsored the Muslim influx by demanding that member nations keep their sovereign borders open to the Muslim hordes.

While Socialism is the European Union's stock and trade, the EU refuses to come to grips with what many of their member countries are finally recognizing -- that the Muslim migration is nothing less than a Muslim Invasion. 

For the EU, it appears they could care less about the concerns of members who are worried their security. The EU has issued threats to member nation Poland who have refused to open their borders. And yes, the EU has even pressured France to reopen their national borders which were closed after the Muslim terrorist attacks last year. 

Can you imagine how we would react if one day we find out that the United Nations is demanding that we Americans throw our borders wide open even if it means that our security is at stack? Can you imagine if the United Nations passed laws in direct conflict of our Constitution and stated that we no longer have rights under our Constitution? 

That's exactly what's taken place in the United Kingdom, and I'm darn proud of the British for making the United Kingdom great again. For years many have complained that the European Union has become an completely void of any sort of scrutiny, having no accountable, and completely undemocratic, with too much powers and Socialist ideals.

What Does The United Kingdom Get From Exiting the European Union? Freedom! 

So now, was it wrong that the vast majority of the British people finally got fed up with EU laws superseding British law? Is it wrong to regain one's freedoms and sovereignty? No! In fact, it should be applauded.

I truly believe that the EU over-stepped its boundaries in it's actions and the British people said enough is enough! Now that the June 23rd vote has gone through, the people of the United Kingdom regain a great deal including:
  • Above all else, the British will now reintroduce full legislative powers back to their elected government in Westminster, England.
  • The British now regain their freedom. 
  • The representatives that the British elect will now be accountable and not impervious to the demands of the British people.
  • The British people can regain a sense of who they are. Not European, but British. And yes, that is a title that men and women have fought and died for.
  • They can now take their new found sense of National pride and show the EU that they are the losers and not the United Kingdom . The loss of the United Kingdom  to the EU is bad for the EU and good thing for the United Kingdom. 
  • The United Kingdom can now stop the Muslim horde which has been forced on them and return to being a Christian nation with Christian values. 
  • The United Kingdom can now ignore the demands of the EU and co-operate with other nations who do not support Muslim terrorism. 
  • The United Kingdom is now free to work against global crime and terrorism.
  • The United Kingdom is now able to assert its own Immigration policies and controls.
  • And yes, now there is absolutely no chance of changing from the Pound to the Euro.
  • As for Free Market Capitalism and Free Trade, since the United Kingdom is a world power, the British will have their own treaties just as before it ever became entangled with the EU.
  • While British taxpayers have been forced to bail out other European Union member nations, now they can determine what if any actions they take as an independent nation. 
  • Another point on the economy is that now British jobs can go to the British people and not be taken out of their country.
  • Yes, in many respects the EU will no longer be a drain on the British economy.
  • And the great part of this exit is that the EU, which is undemocratic and unaccountable, can now be the concern of others who are not happy with the EU's policies and Socialist ideals -- or its desire be part of the One World Government in some sort of New World Order.
That brings me to my last bit of encouragement for our British cousins. Fact is, whether they EU leadership wants to admit it or not, the European Union and it Socialist policies is unraveling right now! 

Germany has been threatening Poland because of it's desire to keep Pole borders closed to Muslim "refugees." Greece and Italy are under siege and sinking. France is now awake and fighting the Muslim threat. And right now, Portugal, Spain, and the Scandinavian nations in the EU are taking a long look at the decision that the British have made. Many citizens of those nations want the same in their future. 

The people of the nations which belong to the EU do not see themselves as citizens of the EU, but as Poles, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and so on. They too see an EU which is undemocratic, unaccountable, and oppressive. 

Many in Europe see the EU as over-stepping their boundaries in the same way that many Americans see the United Nations over-stepping their's in an effort to form a One World Government. 

I really believe that we will see the demise of the European Union and it's idea of a One World Government sooner than later. And as for the United Nations, I see them as corrupt, as Socialist, as anti-democratic as the EU.

Yes, I see the attempts by the UN to "legislate" and supersede our laws the same as what the EU has been doing to the United Kingdom. And frankly, because the UN has violated its own charter in that it not supposed to be a governing body, I would certainly love for our nation to exit the UN and send them packing.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.
Tom Correa

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  1. What is the United Kingdom free from? Because I'm part Irish and part Italian so this is my first time hearing this. And you can't just ask an average Irish-Italian-American like myself about what the U.K. has gone through. We wouldn't know. That's like asking us if we bought Mexico yet. We don't know. And hey, we would love to know. It's not that we don't care. It's just that we don't understand. But anyway, good for them. Real good for them.


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