Monday, November 17, 2014

Democrat Senate Forced to Vote on Keystone XL Pipeline

The Democrat-controlled Senate has been talking a lot lately about how it is all for working together to help working men and women, how it wants to create jobs, and how it wants America to be energy independent, well now they can put their votes where their mouths are!

For the first time in 6 years, the Senate will actually allow a Bill passed in the House to come to the floor of the Senate for a vote.

It's true, for 6 years the Democrat-controlled Senate has blocked everything that the House has tried to get done.

The bill passing the House last Friday marks the 9th time the lower chamber of Congress has voted in favor of speeding up the pipeline's construction. Yes, nine times has it been sent to the Democrat-controlled Senate to die there because the Senate Democrats would not act on it.

The man responsible for blocking the bills from even being discussed has been Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. But since the mid-term elect two weeks ago, Reid's been talking a lot about working with Republicans in the future. So now, let's see if it is all talk, or if he and the Democrats are going to be business as usual.

Like it or not, the Keystone XL is a test to see whether the Democrats can work with Republicans.

The Democrat-controlled Senate has stalled the creation of jobs to the Keystone XL spur, which in reality is only an addition to the pipelines already in existence.

Six years of stalling and conniving by Democrats all just to pay back their Environmentalist donors who have poured millions into Democrat campaign funds to block this vote has come to an end.

The reason for the vote now is that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants to allow the vote to give Louisiana Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu an opportunity to vote "yea" and perhaps help her win her runoff election next month with Republican challenger Rep. Bill Cassidy.

However, Landrieu’s political future and the fate of the bill remain highly uncertain.

Most political analysts think Mary Landrieu’s efforts to win a fourth term by trying to show voters in oil-rich Louisiana how much she is now in favor of the Keystone XL Pipeline is really a lost cause.

Landrieu has the distinction of being the Senator who placed the deciding vote to pass ObamaCare, and like Nancy Pelosi over in the House she has probably never read what she for voted for.

South Dakota GOP Sen. John Thune, on Fox News Sunday, said the vote will be a "cynical attempt to save a Senate seat in Louisiana" considering Reid has blocked the vote for years.

President Obama appears to be giving every indication that he will veto the bill, repeatedly saying the only way the $8 Billion pipeline can be approved is after the completion of a long-stalled State Department review.

There is also the pending outcome of a legal challenge to the pipeline's route through Nebraska.

And during his recent trip to Australia for an economic summit Obama said, "I have to constantly push back against this idea that somehow the Keystone Pipeline is either this massive jobs bill for the United States or is somehow lowering gas prices."

Well, Obama's support for his "push back" against measures to create jobs is pretty much gone these days has more and more members of the Democrat Party distance themselves from the man who has shown himself to be the worse president since Jimmy Carter.

Rhode Island Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse told Fox News Sunday that he hopes Obama will veto the bill.

Democrat Whitehouse considers oil "the filthiest fuel on the planet."

Of course Whitehouse didn't say how he feels about the Oil Rich Muslim nations funding terrorism or about manufacturers in our nation who need oil to make the over 6,000 products that have a petroleum base.

See my articles DRILL NOW - Oil Is More Than Just Gasoline 

Like most Democrats, Whitehouse finds it easier to vilify Republicans than to address what America can do to reduce our dependency on Foreign Oil from Muslim nations which funds the very people who want to kill us.

Does he understand that we won't need to worry about our environment if the terrorists get more funds from the Oil Rich nations who hate us? Does he understand that they are spending billions to build more Mosques all over the world to spread the evils of Islam? Probably not.

It goes the same for his not caring if one third of the air pollution measured on the West Coast of the United States comes from China -- the very country who funds Environmentalist groups here.

Democrats have not cared about the United States of what is good for us. Their concern is the rest of the world and we are not their priority.

Democrats don't like the idea of Americans bypassing the bought dogs in the Democrat Party who have controlled Federal lands drilling permits -- and instead drill on private lands.

Democrats are angry over the fact that without the oil available on Federal lands, American entrepreneurs are still on course to make America completely oil independent in 10 years.

Because Democrats are against both job creation and American oil independence, political analysts think the 100-member Senate is still many votes shy of the 60 needed for passing Keystone.

Yes, with all of their talk of wanting the best for the United States, with all of their talk about working with Republicans in the future, Obama and the Democrats in Congress will still screw over Americans who only want better jobs and relief at the pump.

The Republican-controlled House passed the Keystone XL Pipeline legislation last Friday. It was sponsored by Republican Representative Bill Cassidy so that the Keystone extension can move forward.

This would enable one more pipeline to be made available to carry crude oil from Canada to several U.S. refineries. But even if the anti-Oil Democrats do vote for the Keystone XL, Obama has promised Environmentalists that he will veto the bill.

In January, the Republicans may have enough to over-ride Obama's veto -- but that's January. Right now neither chamber appears to have the two-thirds majority to override a presidential veto. But yes, that will certainly change in January.

Critics, like Whitehouse, say the oil from Canada is extremely dirty and unearthing it would result in the release of high amounts of supposed greenhouse gases.

Of course, Democrats never seem to mention how we can minimize that problem if we do it here.

They never mention how doing it here is safer. After all, without regulations, Third World countries don't care about so-called greenhouse gas because it is seen as just an Environmental hoax  -- the same as Global Warming which has been disproved even by the very people who depended on it being real.

Environmentalists who have poured millions of dollars into the Democrat Party which has framed the issue of the Keystone XL as a significant test of Obama's commitment to addressing Climate Change.

Democrats don't bring up that the fact that, as surprising as it was, even Obama's State Department couldn't cover up a report in favor of the Keystone. The report came out in January of this year. The report stated that the 1,179-mile project would not significantly boost carbon emissions because the oil was likely to find its way to market by other means.

The State Department report also added that transporting the oil by rail or truck would cause greater environmental problems than if the pipeline were built.

If the bill fails to pass the Senate next week, Republicans will reintroduce it next year after they control the chamber.

That would make it one of many showdowns expected with Obama over his energy and environmental policy after Republicans take full control of Congress in January.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, recently said it was time for Obama to listen to the American people, especially after Republican gains in last week's midterm elections, and sign the bill.

"The president doesn't have any more elections to win, and he has no other excuse for standing in the way," Boehner said.

The debate created by Democrats centers on the pipeline's proposed northern leg, which would run from Alberta, Canada, through Montana and South Dakota to Nebraska, where it would connect with existing pipelines to carry more than 800,000 barrels of crude oil a day.

The Gulf Coast segment of the project began carrying oil earlier this year from the northern Oklahoma town of Cushing.

A study commissioned by the Consumer Energy Alliance shows the Gulf Coast project, which began in 2012 and became operational in January, pumped $2.1 Billion into Oklahoma's economy.

Friends, that's including more than $1 Billion in wages and $72 Million in total taxes to fund schools and feed the needy while taking care of other infrastructure concerns.

It is interesting to note that Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is against the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is an anti-Capitalism pro-Socialism Democrat who is on record as saying:

“There is nobody in this country who got rich on their own. Nobody. You built a factory out there - good for you. But I want to be clear. You moved your goods to market on roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn't have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory... Now look. You built a factory and it turned into something terrific or a great idea - God bless! Keep a hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along."

In her rant, she conveniently leaves out that it is American Capitalism that makes all of that possible.

Yes, American businesses pay the biggest share of taxes which creates roads and maintains them, and builds schools and maintains them. It is the taxes and the income generated by the private business sector that enable schools to hire teachers and fire departments to be created and staffed..

She leaves out the fact that business has always paid the biggest taxes, and that is has been business in America which provide the resources for us to maintain highways, mass transit, water projects, health care, and police services.

Someone should explain to the very dense Liberal Senator from Massachusetts that the Billions of dollars in wages and Millions of dollars in taxes are what funds America's infrastructure.

And yes, in case she doesn't understand where that money comes from, someone should tell her that job creation in the private sector pays her salary!

According to the January 2014 State Department report, the Keystone XL Pipeline will produce Billions of dollars for the economy and a minimum of 42,000 jobs.

Yes, 42,000 good paying jobs. Not at some hamburger stand, but good paying jobs working to build America.

Why can't liberals like Warren understand that its jobs, and not government handouts of money that they received from the taxes of businesses, that has made America great.

Jobs lift the poor out of poverty, and jobs have provided for more than the government can ever hope to.

Someone should explain to her that jobs and not government assistance is what fuels the American economy, and the Keystone XL pipeline will provide jobs as well as needed state and local tax revenue to allow Americans the ability to enjoy better lives.

But then on second thought, don't try explaining it to her. I have a feeling such a fervent Socialist as Warren will never truly understand how America works and prospers.

Remember Barack Obama saying "You didn't build that!"

In October, 2014, Hillary Clinton said, "Don’t let anybody tell you that it's corporations and businesses that create jobs. You know that old theory, trickle-down economics. That has been tried; that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly."

Don't bother trying to change the minds of ardent Socialists who believe such lies, such cognitive distortions, such Leftist propaganda. It is a waste of time and energy to try.

No matter how many facts we present to them, Socialists like Warren, Clinton and Obama will steadfastly believe that people who work hard to build their businesses should not get the credit they deserve.

Yes, there's no fixing stupid.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa

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