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A Democrat's "Agnostic" Stand On Smuggling Illegal Guns

With the Leland Yee trail coming up soon, maybe we should recap what took place in March of last year, 2014, when one of the top Democrats in the state of California was arrested for gun running and a number of other federal charges. 

State Sen. Leland Yee, an outspoken advocate of gun-control, was arrested on charges that he conspired to traffic in firearms and traded favors in Sacramento for bribes - campaign cash paid by men who turned out to be undercover FBI agents.

The very Liberal Democrat, Leland Yee, had represented half of San Francisco and most of San Mateo County and was running for Secretary of State when he and 26 other criminals were ensnared in a five-year federal investigation that targeted Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, who is said to be a notorious Chinatown gangster.

The charges reverberated through circles of political power in San Francisco and Sacramento, shaking up the Democrat Party.

Yee was arraigned at the U.S. District Court in San Francisco on charges of conspiring to traffic in firearms and scheming to defraud citizens of honest services. He was released on a $500,000 bond.

The FBI, in a 137-page complaint, alleged that Chow and five other defendants laundered $2.3 Million for undercover agents between March 2011 and December 2013. 

Most of the suspects are linked to the Chinatown brotherhood association that Chow heads, known as Ghee Kung Tong, whose headquarters was raided as well. Charges included trafficking in illicit guns, cigarettes and liquor.

The FBI reported infiltrating the group so deeply that one agent, while posing as a member of La Cosa Nostra, was "inducted" as a consultant.

Investigators said that by 2011, the probe had turned to Yee who was found to be a close associate of Chow -- former San Francisco school board member Keith Jackson, who also was arrested at the same time -- had solicited an undercover agent to contribute to Democrat Yee's campaign to become San Francisco mayor in 2011.

The criminal complaint says that the high profile Democrat Yee repeatedly took bribes and participated in explicit discussions about facilitating a gun-trafficking deal.

Yee's arrest came amid searches of his office in Sacramento and his home in San Francisco's Sunset District, where FBI agents seized desktop computers and boxes wrapped in red evidence tape. Raids occurred at numerous other locations and were carried out by hundreds of FBI and IRS agents, who were assisted in the probe by the police forces in San Francisco, Oakland, and the city of Antioch.

Liberal Hypocricy

The federal charges against Democrat sate senator Leland Yee stand in contrast to his record as "a champion of gun control" one official stated.. 

The Democrat Party rising star was a state senator, a former San Francisco school board member, supervisor and assemblyman -- who has been in public office since 1988.

He is know to have been against the ownership of all types of guns.

Much of the Yee case revolves around fellow Democrat Keith Jackson, who supposedly worked as a consultant to a number of prominent public relations firms in San Francisco. He is accused of conspiring to traffic in guns and drugs and of commissioning a murder-for-hire requested by one of the undercover agents.

The federal complaint says Jackson met Chow in 2010 and the next year began asking the FBI agents who had infiltrated Chow's group to contribute to his fellow Democrat Leland Yee's mayoral campaign. One agent purportedly made a donation of $5,000, well above the $500 limit.

After Yee lost the race for mayor, the complaint states, Jackson and Yee solicited the undercover agent for donations to retire his debt and agreed that the money would buy "official acts." 

Those "official acts" included Leland Yee lobbying a manager at the state Department of Public Health in support of a contract under consideration by the agency. The agent reported giving Leland Yee a $10,000 campaign contribution for the lobbying.

In May 2013, the complaint states, Yee provided an official Senate proclamation honoring Chow's association in exchange for a $6,800 donation to his secretary of state campaign - the maximum allowed by law.

Soon after that, Jackson and Yee agreed to introduce a donor who supposedly had medical marijuana interests to state legislators who had influence over proposed cannabis legislation. 

Yee received $10,000 and $11,000 for two separate introductions, the FBI charges.

Yee's gun running deals began to take shape in August 2013. 

The FBI said, Jackson asked an undercover agent to provide a campaign donation in exchange for Yee facilitating a meeting with arms dealers from China and Russia. All so the agent could purchase a "large number of weapons to be imported through the Port of Newark, New Jersey."

During that meeting, Yee discussed "certain details of the specific weapons" the agent wanted to buy. 

In January of 2014, at another meeting with Jackson and the agent, Yee allegedly said he wanted the agent and Jackson to make all of the money because he didn't "want to go to jail."

Yee told the agent he needed to be careful, citing the indictment of another senator accused of corruption, the FBI said. 

Democrat state senator Leland Yee was quoted as saying he thought the case "was a classic example of involving too many people in illegal activities" and that he took an "agnostic" stand on the weapons deal.

So What Is A Democrat's "Agnostic" Stand On Smuggling Illegal Guns?

Remember, according to the arrest complaint, Democrat Yee said he took an "agnostic" stand on the weapons smuggling. 

Yee said, "People want to get whatever they want to get. Do I care? No, I don't care. People need certain things."  

Of course Yee, like other Democrats, didn't seem to care who he dealt with. 

In 1992, Chow, who is a Hong Kong native, was indicted with two dozen others on racketeering charges for their alleged involvement in everything from underage prostitution to the international heroin trade.
Chow was subsequently convicted of gun charges and sentenced to 25 years in prison. 

In 2003, however, he was released after he cut a deal with the government to testify against a high-ranking associate. And in recent years, Chow has insisted that he had turned his life around, touting his connections to - and awards handed out by - San Francisco Democrats in political office.

A friend sent me an article about a poll that was taken just a few days after the arrest of California Democrat state Sen. Leland Yee on charges of taking bribes and running the illegal gun operation.

The poll shows a plunge in support for the California Democrat Legislature. 

Beside being anti-Gun, anti-Business, pro-Illegal Alien, extreme Left political advocacy. State senator Yee, has had his name added to the Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll with the Brady Campaign in 2006.

His involvement in supplying illegal guns illegally to Asian organized crime families in San Francisco has been noted by the federal courts. So much so that in November of last year, a Federal judge put the racketeering and political corruption case against suspended state Democrat senator Leland Yee on a fast track to trial.

The San Jose Mecury News reported that the government's sprawling indictment against Yee and 28 other defendants was set for a trial early this year and would focus solely on the political corruption charges against the disgraced Democrat Party legislator and a handful of cohorts linked to his alleged wrongdoing.

According to that report, the reason for the Fast Track is that most of the defendants in the case are accused in a separate racketeering charge connected to reputed Asian organized crime figure Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow and his Chee Kung Tong organization.

The Federal judge decided it would be more efficient to break off the influence-peddling part of the case for later.

As for the irony in a Liberal Democrat Gun-Control Advocate being arrested for Illegal Gun Trafficking ...

Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California, put the Democrat Leland Yee scandal’s impact on the gun-control movement in perspective by saying, "The reality is that we believe it has put a chill on the movement, and some of the less active players are taking a step back in moving on with their agenda, but this hasn’t stopped their desire to move forward.".

Democrats, he noted, lost their super majority in the Senate, "but they think they’re invincible and they’ll do whatever they can do to impede our rights in California."

And yes, I think he's right. Democrats in California could care less if the state even has Republican constituents nevertheless have any respect for the Constitution of the United States. 

Paredes said it’s clearer now who’s really behind the gun-control agenda, saying, "You wonder who it is we’ve been fighting all this time? Now you know.”

The Gun Owners of California leader said "Yee was one of the most vocal and virulent members in the Senate against gun rights." 

He was one of the Democratic Party's extremely wealthy powerful politicos, and he was definitely a gun-control advocate.

Yee’s arrest wasn’t the only dent in California’s Democrat-run Legislature’s armor. Gun-control advocates Sens. Ronald Calderon, D-Montebello, and Roderick Wright, D-Inglewood, were involved in separate scandals of their own.

Democrat Calderon was indicted on charges of accepting $100,000 in bribes from undercover FBI agents, and Democrat Wright was found guilty by a Los Angeles jury of lying about his home being located in his district.

It is interesting to note that the California Republicans, yes it's not all Hippies and drug users and pedophiles in the Democrat controlled California State Legislature, had tried to suspend Democrats Calderon and Wright -- but the Republican attempts were rejected.

Then just two days after political powerhouse Leland Yee’s arrest, all three Democrats were suspended when the Liberals decided to immediately jump into damage control mode..

Of course, did you my readers hear anything about all of the Democrat criminal activity in California on any of the Liberal mainstream media news stations such as CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, or NPR?

Hell no you didn't! It is the same situation with the Hillary Clinton bribery scandals with hardly a word spoken to let the people know what is going on! 

If it were Republicans the story would be shouted from treetops, and yes the Democrats who control the media like so many puppet masters would make sure it was told over and over and over again.

San Francisco Republican Party Chair Harmeet Dhillon compared California to ancient Rome, saying “the party in power and the people in power are abusing the power.”

“The Democrats have reached that position in California, where they are the bosses and they take advantage of the little people,” she said, according to SFGate.com.

And yes, Dhillon believes like many others here in the state that the Democrat's corrupt stronghold in the state won’t go down without a fight.

"There’s a culture of corruption in Sacramento – and legislators are very cozy with sources of money," Dhillon said. "[Yee] in particular has struck me as someone who does not want to leave office under any circumstances … but the people of San Francisco deserve better."

Believe it or not, while it no surprise to the Conservatives in this state, the Liberal Left is absolute demile that one of their own Leftist comrades, the hypocrite who co-authored a bill mandating that new ballistics identification technology called micro-stamping be on all new semiautomatic handguns in California -- could be arrested on gun running charges. 

Imagine the heartbreak and betrayal the Liberal Left in California feels because one of their own was a bigger hypocrite than the other Liberal hypocrites in the California capital.

Mr Paredes's conclusion is correct when he said, "Yee has allowed us to pull back the curtain to expose the kind of people who are pushing the buttons and pulling the knobs to move forward the gun control movement in California. And we thought the Wizard of Oz was a fake!"

I agree. The curtain has been pulled back to expose a political machine here in California. It is a political machine run by the wealthy and the powerful Democrat Party -- hypocritical and self-righteous, all believing they are above the law. Really no different than the White House.

And yes, that's just the way I see.

Tom Correa

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  1. If you ask me, I think Leland Yee got what he deserved. Who the hell thinks it's a good idea to smuggle guns into this country illegally? Look, if you didn't buy that gun legally, you can't own it. For example, if you have a .50 caliber Desert Eagle that ain't registered in your name, you could go to jail for that. Or if you decide to smuggle a bunch of AK-47s into the state of Florida by way of Mexico your ass is grass and the country is mowing. That's like if I took a Colt Single Action Army from a home in the Old West and then shot Sam the bartender. I knew that gun wasn't mine but did I care? No! I just took it and ran. Sam will be okay but my record and reputation both will never be the same again. And as for gun smuggling, it happens in movies and shows all the time. If you can get a hold of them, chances are you will have them. But as far as I'm concerned, you shouldn't. Not illegally anyway. I rest my case. Gun go bang, I go bye. See ya soon.


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