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New York Times crops George W. Bush out of Selma march photo

You Won’t Believe What’s MISSING from This New York Times Front Page on the Selma March

by Jason DeWitt, Top Right News, March 8, 2015

The New York Times commemorated the 50th anniversary of the march in Selma, Alabama by running a front page photo that is raising some questions.

The so-called “journal of record”, bastion of journalistic integrity, is apparently playing games with its audience by conveniently cropping out a long-time political foe of the newspaper.

Soon after publication, people began to take notice…

Seriously? They cropped out a former president who was marching with Obama and the civil rights icons? Nah. Can’t be, right?

Check it out:
Right there, at the lower right, you will notice former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush walking hand- in-hand with the marchers.

Unbelievable. Erased from history, thanks to the yellow journalists at the NYT. 
Indeed. Stalin would be envious of the Obama lapdog media.

It gets better. As Kyle Becker reported, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz also whitewashes Bush from the event.

The following is a photo from Alabama today.

From left to right, you’ll see Laura Bush, President George W. Bush, First Lady Michelle Obama, President Barack Obama, and Representative (D-GA) John Lewis:
But the official head of the Democrat Party saw it a little differently:dws-bush
This political move, apparently done to give the Republicans "bad optics" was not lost on Twitter:
  1. Powerful & moving image: @BarackObama @FLOTUS & @repjohnlewis in front of
@DWStweets @BarackObama @FLOTUS @repjohnlewis And the foot in lower left (intentionally cropped out) is President Bush. Where's Hillary?

Oh yeah…where WAS Hillary, the “inevitable” president? Did the NYT crop her out too?

Nope. Hillary wasn’t in Selma at all today — a stunning absence you didn’t hear about at all from the Times or Debbie Wasserman-Shultz. 

Typical liberals: they take what should have been a non-partisan celebration of civil rights heroes, and use it as a political weapon, complete with Soviet-style censorship.

Editor's Note:

I re-post this Jason DeWitt piece just as it appeared in Top Right News because it is so unbelievable on the part of the New York Times.

It is hard to believe that a newspaper, especially one which was once so respected as the Times, now finds it necessary to stoop so low as to play such venomous Liberal games. It is childish, and not fitting what once was a great newspaper.

A teacher wrote to tell me about this. She no longer takes the New York Times because it has becomes so biased that she cannot trust the information provided by the paper.

This is the number one reason the New York Times readership is down.

Like many others across the nation, she cannot trust them to tell the truth or get the facts straight without attempting to slander Conservatives/Republicans in the process.

Whether it was releasing sensitive information which aided our enemies and put our troops in harms way, criticizing our troops overseas, attacking the police unfairly, endorsing anti-military anti-American pro-Democrat Party groups like Code Pink, or this venomous childish attempt to cut a Republican president out of a picture to a news story, Americans are tired of the shoddy behavior and lousy policies of the New York Times.

I agree with the teacher who sent me the story. She is right, the only thing the New York Times is good for these days is to line the bottom of a bird cage.

I agree. Since it is so sad to see a once great newspaper become just a political rag for the Democrat Party, she is right.

Tom Correa
American Cowboy Chronicles



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  1. He deserved getting cropped out of that Selma photo. George W. Bush was nothing more than a childish man sitting at the Oval Office with nothing to do but snort coke and play with a slinky. I bet he's the same guy that let Bill Clinton lie about his extramarital affair too. Oh and one more thing. God Bless America and get your own Doritos.


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